3 Tips To Win The Baccarat Control Squeeze

Are you a Baccarat player who enjoys the squeeze? If yes, Live Baccarat Control Squeeze is definitely your table.

Baccarat Control Squeeze by Evolution Gaming gives players the chance to squeeze the card themselves, instead of leaving the live dealer to do it.

At this table, you will find the same Baccarat rules as standard Baccarat; the game is played with 8 decks with 52 cards in each,  and the objective of the game is to predict whose hand will win by having the value closest to 9.

Another interesting fact is that there is no seat limit at the controlled squeeze table, which can accept an unlimited number of players simultaneously. 

Live Baccarat Control Squeeze also offers several Side bets too, from this type of bet you can get higher payouts all the way up to 200 to 1. The Side bets available are the Banker pair, Player pair, Either pair, Perfect Pair, Player Bonus and Banker Bonus).

Play the thrilling Live Baccarat Control Squeeze at CoinSaga Live Casino in a perfect Macau casino style. At CoinSaga Bitcoin Live Casino, you can also find and play different variants of baccarat, such as Live Baccarat Squeeze.

Where Does the Practice of Squeezing Come From?

Squeezing the cards is an old practice exclusive to Baccarat card games, which is very common among Chinese players – with the objective to add thrill to the live game and anticipate the card before it is revealed.

CoinSaga offers players two versions of live casino Baccarat Controlled Squeeze (where the players control the squeeze themselves), and Baccarat Squeeze Control (where the live dealer has all the fun).

Table example of Live Baccarat Control the Squeeze

The Unique Feature of the Control Squeeze  

This unique Baccarat game feature is enabled by physical cards placed face-down on glass panel inlays, which are obscured by masks, separately displayed and offered for squeezing. The player at the Baccarat table simply has to get the edge or corner of the card, clicking on it and waiting for it to be revealed. The player at the Baccarat table can also adjust the video and audio level, chatting with live dealer and checking the game rules in the Help section.

3 Tips To Win The Baccarat Control Squeeze at CoinSaga Bitcoin Casino

Tip 1. Banker is the best bet. 

Mathematically speaking, the casino advantage in baccarat on the Player bet is 1.26%, while a bet on the Banker is only 1.06%, which makes odds favourable to bet on the banker.

Tip 2. Forget the Tie Bet.

Never bet on a Tie. The Tie bet has a low probability of happening. Don’t be attracted by the high payout (8:1), this is smoke in the eyes.

Tip 3. Always Choose the Live Baccarat Control Squeeze Evolution Gaming able with a maximum of 8 decks of cards.

Playing live Baccarat with a maximum of 8 decks of cards will increase the player’s chances of winning. If a player finds a Baccarat table that uses six decks, there should be less variance in the hands, because there are fewer cards.


This squeeze game puts you in control of the squeeze feature, this is a very exciting and unique feature of a live Baccarat table.

Live Baccarat Control Squeeze is very popular among Asian players, but is growing in popularity with new players around the world. So play it at Coinsaga.com and experience the thrill live!

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