What is the best Asian Handicap betting strategy?

There is no bet without risk and the target of each of you is to mitigate that risk as much as possible. The Asian Handicap betting market increases your chances of winning because there are only two outcomes, a win or a loss. This is because a draw is eliminated.

In this article we aim to focus on crucial tips and strategies that we have proven to be profitable on repeated occasions:

  • Finding more value on Asian Handicap bets:

Southampton are hosting Liverpool. The Reds are a far better team. You know it, and most importantly, the bookmaker know it. That’s why the Liverpool backing odds are priced at 1.40. In such occasions you can back Liverpool to win at -1.00 at odds 1.65, or if you think they’ll have an easy evening for them, then you can pick the -1.5 option at 2.10 or more. The general idea of Asian betting strategy is to predict if Liverpool enjoys a greater superiority compared to Southampton and reap the maximum winnings out of it.

Football handicap betting is based almost entirely on understanding the teams. For example, an attacking team such as Liverpool could in theory also surpass the -2.5 handicap. But there are other factors in play such as the current form of the teams, their home/away record, if there is a rivalry, the injury box, weather conditions etc. Pretty much what you will normally do before you placed a regular bet, only this time, with much better odds.

  • Placing football Asian handicaps on Live Betting:

Similar to any live betting strategy, the first asian handicap betting tip is to only bet if you know how the teams are performing.

For example let’s say you are well aware of Real Madrid’ current home form. The Madrid’s are in good shape and they are facing Valencia, with pre-game odds for a home win close to 1.35. Surprisingly and against the match’s prediction, Valencia scores after 20 minutes. What has just happened is that avery interesting market has just emerged. Real Madrid to win -1. The Blancos should be priced around 1.85 given that there are 70 minutes to go. What you are basically expecting is that Valencia won’t stand the pressure and will lose their lead and get a nice profit, much higher than pre-game market could offer.

Another asian handicap tip is how to handle matches where the better team is perfect form. City are hosting Newcastle and the score in halftime is already 3-0. But you can tell by the look in their eyes that the Citizens are far from done with this match. You can take the -1.50 option priced at approximately 1.85 and expect that Manchester City will continue to hammer Newcastle for a five goal, or higher margin.

  • Using asian handicaps on over/under:

The best asian handicap football betting strategy for over/under is to wait for the live betting odds cause the opportunities are better compared to pre-game markets. For example if the score in any given match is 0-2 near the first 30 minutes, the HT over 2.5 goals market for will be 2.00 whilst in asian market it will be at 2.050.

The true value usually comes during the second half. Betting on Asian handicap is all about taking advantage of these opportunities. Let’s say we’re thinking of betting on a match with a half-time result of 1-2. The bookmaker will try to cover himself and offer a higher total goals line at 4.5. The odds for the over 4.5 goals will be 2.00 or perhaps higher depending on which bookie you are betting on. On the other hand, you can play it safer and take the 3.75 asian handicap option at 1.775 in case the two teams are not as productive as they were in the first half.

In any case, the best move you can make during the second half is to wait a few minutes. Around the 50th minute the over 5 option will be at your disposal. It should now be close to at 2.50 or so meaning that if two more goals are scored then you will get your money back. If three then you are a winner.

  • Asian Handicap Acca strategy:

A risky but in most cases profitable asian handicap betting system is to build your Accas by backing favorites for a -1.5 Home Win. Obviously you must conduct a deep research on which teams tend to win with relative ease in front of their home fans. The difference in odds can prove to be significant as a regular home win for a favorite priced at 1.30 for a -0.5 market, can be enhanced to 1.85 for a -1.5 win.

There is also the case of backing an underdog with AH +1.5 who plays away from home against a low scoring opponent. Although your odds will be shortened compared to placing a double chance X2 bet, you vastly increase your chances of winning. Similar asian handicap betting tips can be used when placing system bets, especially if you are planning to include more events on your betslip. The improved odds for a -1.5 favourite win will let you get a better payout on any of your correctly predicted matches, however, in the case of +1.5 underdogs, you should probably avoid backing them, as adding more matches will increase your total stake.

Moreover 5 easy tips before to place Asian handicap bet:

  1. Choose always suitable and reputable betting sites,
  2. Check different sites to get better odds,
  3. Remember to study team’s scoring records,
  4. Check current team form,
  5. Always consider team motivation.

In conclusion I give you my two personal Asian Handicap strategy that I’ve proven to be successful over the years:

  1. Backing big favourites at -1 or -1,25

This is a great alternative strategy to betting on big favourite tam in the traditional match betting 1X2. One of the biggest drawbacks of backing on big favorites on the 1X2 market is that the odds are very low. Although we can expect to win plenty of our wagers, the low odds mean that any profits can easily be cancelled with just one or two unexpected betslip losses.

We want to alleviate that risk as much as possible. Realize that backing big favorites at -1 or -1.25 means we will be using the alternative Asian Handicap in order to receive lower odds. We’re still going to get quite low odds, as taking big favorites at -1 or -1.25 will usually mean using the alternative Asian Handicap and therefore receiving reduced odds.

However, the odds will be better than simply backing them to win and chances are high that we’ll still win plenty of our wagers. It’s important that we choose our bet carefully, and only bet when we’re confident a favorite is going to win by at least a couple of goals.

2. Backing small home underdogs at +1.75

We use this strategy a lot. Typically, we look for home underdogs that are at odds +1.0 or +1.25 on the Asian Handicap. Then we back them on the alternative Asian Handicap, taking slightly reduced odds in exchange for getting an extra half a goal or so. This gives us a very high chance of winning, or at least getting half our stake returned, as small home underdogs rarely lose by two or more goals.

While there are several more advanced strategies that we have used successfully, these two strategies definitely give us the most consistent returns. Don’t expect to get rich off of them though, as they’re low risk and low return. They’re still a great starting point for betting on the Asian Handicap, and there’s no reason why you can’t earn a profit from using them.

One final point to mention before we finish is that Asian Handicap betting can also be done in play. This opens up even more opportunities for finding good value wagers to place. The advice in the following article will help you to make the most of them.