9 Tips to Win Online Live Baccarat

If you are new to Online Live Baccarat this is the article for you. Here you will find 9 tips to win Live Baccarat for players who are looking to use the best strategy to increase their chances of winning.

These hot tips are very good and useful if you play at an Online Casino, and not at a land-based one.

If you are a regular player and like to use a strategy, rather than just occasional baccarat play these hot tips will help your gameplay a lot. These tips have been carefully selected as good advice for your gameplay.

Tip 1. Always check the odds probability of the game

Join a baccarat table without knowing the odds for the Baccarat bets is today a very common mistake. And even if you know the game rules, you always need to verify that the information provided by the online casino.

The normal house margin deducted on bets placed to the Banker stands at 5%; Although we know that some casinos charging as much as 20%-25%. Granted, some casinos also offer less than 5% as well, but they are not so common.

The normal odds on a player stand at 1:1, and this doesn’t change from operator to operator. The Tie bet on the other hand always pays at 8:1. The Tie bet must be avoided because it has terrible value.

Tip 2. Bet on the Banker

You come to the Online Live Baccarat table for the first time and you are going to make your first bet. And our tip is, bet on the Banker. That’s why the Banker has better probability odds on his side, and wins slightly over 50 percent of the time. Indeed, the majority of Online Live Baccarat players don’t like to bet on the Banker because of the 5% commission that is applied on each winning bet. However, there is a reason behind why there is a commission for this bet and why we would urge you to bet on the Banker. It is because the Banker bet has a lower house edge than the Player. The Player bet has a 1.24% house edge, while the Banker bet has 1.06%, which makes the odds more favorable.

Tip 3 – Mini-Baccarat can be dangerous: Handle carefully!

In the traditional (meaning the high-roller room) version of Online Live Baccarat, where players actually deal the cards, you might play 40 decisions an hour. But there is a high level of Baccarat which is called Mini-Baccarat. There are two main differences between traditional Baccarat and Mini-Baccarat. The first and obvious one is that the dealer deals the game, not the players. The second is the fact that the game is very fast, in some cases dealers reach 150 to 200 decisions per hour!

Tip 4. Never Bet on a Tie.

Just to be clear, never bet on a Tie. The Tie bet has a very low probability of happening, although it sometimes happens when playing baccarat, it is extremely rare and very difficult to predict. The only exception is when card counting is involved, and this is only possible with one or two decks of cards. Don’t be attracted by the apparently high payout that the Tie bet offers (8 to 1, while some games reach 10 to 1), because you will lose in the majority of cases.

So it is a wise tip to consider all Tie bets as invisible, they simply don’t count. For example, if the sequence goes Player, Banker, Banker, Tie, you have to manage the Tie as if it didn’t happen. And you would continue to bet Banker.

Tip 5. Take time to make a decision after a Banker loss

Let’s be clear, you finally lose on the Banker bet. Player wins this time. The wise bet says don’t jump immediately onto another bet. Take a while to make the next decision. Keep in mind that if the Tie is the decision neither the Banker nor the Player loses.

Tip 6. Quit when you’re winning

This is the best tip we can offer to you. Before you start an Online Live Baccarat session, be clear on your bankroll and strategy.

If your bankroll is €200, then you have to fix your ideal profit, and leave the table when you reach it.

Tip 7. Play short sessions

There is no strategy that will help you to beat the house margin. The wise decision is to play a fixed number of games, say 30, and start to count them. Once you have played them all, accept that you’ve made a loss or a profit and leave the table. Don’t start to chase your losses.

Tip 8. Manage your bankroll

This tip doesn’t only apply only to Online Live Baccarat, but a gambler’s whole life. You will always have losing sessions, just like you will have winning sessions too.

Your priority must be to have enough money in your bankroll to manage your losing sessions.

Tip 9. Read carefully Bonus Terms and Conditions

Before signing up to a new online casino, we suggest to always read the terms and conditions of the casino bonuses and offer. Plenty of casinos do not allow online baccarat to count towards the wagering requirements.

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