Bomb Squad Casino Game (by Evoplay) Review

The Bomb Squad Casino Game is a type of Instant Table Game with fixed payouts. The game was created by the developers from Evoplay Entertainment. It is a first-person game that puts the player in the role of a bomb specialist equipped with a pair of pliers. A bomb has been placed and is ready to detonate. Your task is to defuse the bomb by cutting the right wire. Select the correct wire to cut, and you will be awarded a cash prize. Chose poorly, and the bomb will explode. 

This action game belongs to the category of provably fair games. All game outcomes can be checked and verified for their fairness. The Bomb Squad Casino Game is a low volatility game. The wins are frequent, and the game does not include any special Slot Game features such as jackpots, Wilds, Free Spins, or bonus symbols.

Maximum Win3.000 coins
Minimum Bet0.01 coins
Maximum Bet1.000 coins
Return to Player (RTP)96%
Free Spins AvailableNo
Bomb Squad Casino Game Review

Bomb Squad Casino Game Specifications

Software ProviderEvoplay Entertainment
Date of ReleaseJanuary 2020
Game TypeTable Game
Game ResolutionFull HD (16:9)
Autoplay OptionNo
Supported DevicesDesktop, Mobile, Tablet
Vertical ViewYes

How to Play Bomb Squad Casino Game

The game has three difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, and Hard. Before doing anything else, it is important to select the difficulty level you want. Click on your preferred game mode, enter your betting amount, and click on the Play Button.

Each bomb consists of 3 types of wires:

  • Winning
  • Neutral
  • Losing

If you cut a winning Wire, you win the round. Cutting a Neutral Wire gives you a 2nd chance to try again. Cut a Losing Wire, and the bomb explodes.

how to play Bomb Squad Casino Game

Selecting Easy Mode in the Bomb Squad Casino Game gives you a bomb with 4 wires:

  • 2 Winning Wires
  • 1 Neutral Wire
  • 1 Losing Wire

A win pays out 1.44 times the wagered amount.

The Normal difficulty level has a bomb with 6 wires:

  • 2 Winning Wires
  • 2 Neutral Wires
  • 2 Losing Wires

If you cut the correct wire on the first attempt, you will be awarded a 2x multiplier. Cutting a winning wire on the 2nd attempt pays out a 1.76 x win.

When playing on Hard Mode, players are faced with a bomb made up of 8 wires:

  • 2 Winning Wires
  • 2 Neutral Wires
  • 4 Losing Wires

A correct cut on your first attempt is rewarded with a 3x multiplier win. Select the correct wire on your 2nd attempt for a 2.52 x win. If you are uncertain which wire to cut, you can always click on the Random Button at the bottom of the screen, and your character will choose one of the available options automatically.

Bomb Squad Casino Game by Evoplay

Layout and Options

The layout of the Bomb Squad Casino Game is pretty straightforward. At the bottom left is the total balance of a player’s account. The betting range can be adjusted from 0.01 – 1.000 with the +/- buttons in the center. The numbers on the bottom right show the outcome of the last round of play.

In the top right corner of the main interface, we find 4 additional buttons. The Sound Icon turns the sound on or off. The Gear Icon brings up the rules, history, and settings menu. The full-screen mode can be toggled on or off with a click on the 2nd button from the right. The last button on the right allows players to verify the random outcome of the game. More about that in the next section.

A Provably Fair Casino Game

As we mentioned previously, the Bomb Squad Casino Game is a provably fair game. Each round of the game can be manually verified by the players using any SHA-256 hash generator.

Here is a quick step-by-step guide on how to verify the rounds:

  1. Click on the Gear Icon located in the upper right corner.
  2. Click on the History Tab to get a complete overview of all the rounds. The winning rounds are highlighted in green.
  3. Click on the appropriate Validation Icon to copy the text needed for the verification.
  4. Paste the text in an SHA-256 hash generator.
  5. An SHA-256 string will be generated.
  6. Compare the generated string with the string that you can find by clicking on the Hash Icon in the History Tab of the game. The two strings will be identical, proving that the game is provably fair.

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Final Words

The Bomb Squad Casino Game offers regular and fixed payouts thanks to its low volatility nature. Depending on how big of a risk-taker you are, there are 3 difficulty levels to choose from. The game has the potential to pay out a 3x multiplier every round. The betting range is incredible and starts as low as $0.01 per round. Highrollers can bet as high as $1.000 each round.

Do you have what it takes to become the hero who saves the city from a bomb? Try the game, and let’s see what you can do.