More or Less Casino Game Review – Evoplay Entertainment

Maximum Win96.000 coins
Minimum Bet0.01 coins
Maximum Bet1.000 coins
Return to Player (RTP)96%
Free Spins AvailableNo


This More or Less Casino Game review will introduce our players to an unconventional Table Game that revolves around guessing numbers. Don’t get discouraged if you’re not good at math, because the gaming rules are easy to learn. It is a multiple-choice game that was released by Evoplay Entertainment in 2018. Evoplay is renowned for the simplicity of its products and extraordinary design. The players have 5 different betting options each round, and each one has its own unique odds.

The odds are displayed beneath each option, and they depend on your probability of winning. More or Less is another example of provably fair games. Stay with us if you are curious to learn what that means for your gaming solutions. The player needs to guess whether a hidden number is higher, lower, or equal than the one displayed on the screen to record a win. If that sounds too easy to be true, it really isn’t. You don’t need any past experience with games of similar design. This Evoplay Entertainment production can multiply your winning returns by up to 96 times!

More or Less Casino Game Review
More or Less Casino Game Review


Software ProviderEvoplay Entertainment
Date of ReleaseJanuary 2018
Game TypeTable Game
Slots ResolutionFull HD (16:9)
Autoplay OptionNo
Supported DevicesDesktop, Mobile, Tablet
Vertical ViewYes

How to Play More or Less by Evoplay?

Let us now describe the simple rules in this More or Less Casino Game review. The screen shows two reels. The one on the right shows a random number from 1 – 99, and the left one bears the design of a question mark under which a mystery number hides. The player has to choose and guess if the mysterious number is higher or lower than the one on the right. 

If you feel lucky, you can bet that both numbers will be equal. Such an outcome will return a staggering profit of 96 x your betting amount. If you are having doubts and can’t make a decision, there are other solutions. You can also bet that the secret number is even or odd.  

Once you have made your decision and clicked on the respective number, the left reel will start spinning. After a little bit, you will see the result of the round. If you made the right choice, you would immediately be credited with a return based on the given odds, but you lose the wagered amount if you were wrong.

The odds of winning

Some odds are fixed, while others depend on the mathematical probability of winning the games. For example, the odds that the secret number is higher than 90 would be very high. The opposite would be the case if the number 4 turned up on the right reel. The odds that the mysterious number is higher could, in that case, be considered a safe bet.

We will now reveal the rates of the fixed odds in this More or Less Casino Game review.

  • Even or Odd = x 1.92

Equal – x 96

More or Less Casino Game Odds
More or Less Casino Game Odds

Features of More or Less

This Instant Game has several buttons that new players should familiarize themselves with to understand the choices they are making. There are 5 different bet selections underneath the reels:

  • Even should be selected if you believe the secret number is an even one.
  • By clicking on Odd, you bet that the reel on the left hides an odd number.
  • < should be selected if your choice is a lower number than the one displayed on the right.
  • > signals a bet for a higher number than the one displayed on the right.
  • If you believe that both numbers will be equal, click on the = button.

If you have experience with Evoplay games and products, you will already be familiar with the design. The balance of your account is visible in the bottom right corner where it says Cash. To make a bet, you need to enter your preferred amount in the Total Bet field. Click in the field, delete the existing number, and enter your wager. You can also use the 4 dedicated buttons located around the Total Bet area if you prefer.

  • Min will put your wager at the minimum amount of 0.01 coins.
  • Max will put your wager at the maximum amount of 1000 coins.
  • /2 divides the Total Bet entry in half.
  • x2 doubles the initial bet.

If you prefer silence while playing your games, click on the Sound icon on the bottom left. The Info icon next to it will show you the rules and instructions on how to check if it is provably fair. In the next part of our More or Less Casino Game review, we will focus on the betting history and describe the process of checking the fairness of such games.

Betting History and Provably Fair Verification

Notice the red button that says History on the left side of your screen? Click on it and use it to display your betting history. Each round of play is visible from here. All your winning bets will be highlighted in green, the losing ones in red. The record shows the known and secret numbers, the player’s choice, his betting amount and odds, and how much profit or loss the round generated.

To verify that More or Less is provably fair, has a random outcome, and can’t be manipulated in any way, click on any of the rounds in your betting history. Notice the area on the top of your screen that says SALT? Click on the button next to the field to copy the text. Paste the copied text in any SHA256 Hash Generator, like this one.

More or Less Casino Game Provably Fair
More or Less Casino Game Provably Fair

As soon as you pasted the text, the site will generate a SHA256 hash of your entry. If you compare the generated hash with the HASH string in your game’s betting history, you will notice that both lines are exactly the same. Congratulations! You have successfully verified the fairness of More or Less. If the two entries don’t match up, the game is not provably fair. We suggest you report your findings and find something else to play.


We hope that our More or Less Casino Game review was fun for you to read and that you learned how to play this Evoplay release. Players have multiple choices, and depending on the number shown, they can decide how much they want to risk with their wager. Each round is different, and it is a game of chance.

Tell us in the comments below how you prefer to play games and Slots. Do you go for higher/lower, or do you like the odd/even selections?  If you enjoy these types of games, we suggest you visit the English provably fair section of our CoinSaga Blog to read more information about them.