Betting Tips for When Football Restarts

All the top football leagues are now suspended and are likely to remain so for quite some time. However, when football restarts, how can you be best prepared to bet wisely?

Should games resume, but behind closed doors (as was tried in several countries for a few weeks), this creates many opportunities for punters. For example, with no crowds, we would expect home team advantage to be less significant because the lack of a home fans crowd could make a big difference to a team’s confidence and performance. Something that was not reflected by the odds before the suspension of the leagues. Should games resume behind closed doors, we would strongly advise betting on away teams.

Another crucial aspect to be considered is the football players themselves. In these hard times, football players have to stay at home just like everybody else, with most of them not having a home gym or sufficient room to exercise, and no pressure to follow a specific diet. Once the lockdown is over, only the players and teams that have established adequate home training regimes and diets will be ready and fit to play. We advise checking how teams are managing this lockdown period, and what they are doing to keep players fit and healthy because this will be crucial when play restarts.

Last but not least, bookmakers will try to attract new or reengage old punters with a lot of bonuses and promotions never made previously. So there will be a lot of appealing opportunities.

Once again, knowledge is power.