Live Baccarat Squeeze: Enjoy the Thrill of Squeezing the Card

What Makes Live Baccarat Squeeze so Unique?

Imagine having 17 different High Definition cameras on your live baccarat table, that capture game action from every angle. 

Imagine that the squeeze and peek of the cards are recreated in many close-ups, and get the full engagement of the live game. 

Now Imagine a VIP table where the minimum bet is 5 euros. Well, this is exactly what you get when playing Live Baccarat Squeeze from Evolution Gaming at CoinSaga Bitcoin Casino.

The squeeze feature is popular in Macau Casinos, where Chinese players have a lot of Squeeze and Peek rituals before the values of cards are revealed.

This brings much more fun and increases player engagement in the game, as Scott Milburn, chief of  Macau’s City of Dreams explained, “sometimes, you almost believe that they can actually change the outcome of a card by the way they squeeze it. So there’s a lot of superstition.”

If you’re looking for a charming and immersive Baccarat experience, playing Live Baccarat Squeeze at CoinSaga Bitcoin Casino is the choice for you.

This live baccarat game studio is super cool and charming, perfect for players looking for an exclusive experience. 

This is the first squeeze variant by Evolution Gaming called Baccarat Squeeze Live, they have previously released other versions such as Live Baccarat Control Squeeze, and Live No Commission Baccarat.

How to Play Live Baccarat Squeeze at Coinsaga

The Live Baccarat Squeeze rules are the same as standard Baccarat (you can check these in the Help section of the baccarat game), which is very easy and simple to play. You can always try your luck betting on the Bankers’ hand (our favourite choice), on the Player, or on the Tie Bet, but the Tie Bet is strongly not recommended because the odds are the worst you will find at this table (apparently a high 8 to 1, but in reality, this doesn’t maintain what it promises you, with a very low Return to Player rate).

The Side bets available are the Player Pair and the Banker Pair (a player can bet on the Player pair or on the Banker pair with a payout at 11:1). The Bonus Bets (if the Player or Banker wins with an eight or nine by at least four points, the bonus bets win). Or the Perfect Pairs (if you bet on the Player or Banker to get a perfect pair, you can win up to 200:1).

The first thing you will notice at this Live Baccarat Squeeze table is the elegant studio and the professional live dealer welcoming you, making it the perfect place for a player to place a bet. 

The live dealer will begin the game by releasing four cards, two to the player and two to the banker. At this moment, the HD camera angle switches again, showing you some close-up views.  When the final cards are dealt, the live dealer increases the suspense by squeezing the card slowly. 

The third card is released by the dealer according to some conditions, such as when the banker or the player has a total of 8 or 9 and both stand. 

For example, a player with a total of 5 can ask (hit) for a third card. Even if the player stands and the banker hits on a total of 5 or less, a third card is released by the dealer.

And finally, payouts will be managed by the dealer according to winners and losers, and a new round will start again with the same game flow.

The Power of the Extra Squeeze Feature

There are some very interesting extra feature at the Live Baccarat Squeeze table, which increase the engagement of the player and their chances to win. The baccarat squeeze features to look out for are:

Bet Percentages: The digital game board shows you how other players are playing. For example, you’ll probably see that 80/85% of players are betting on the Banker. 

Historical Game Outcomes: You can see results for hundreds of previous rounds and a track record of your own bets in different ways.

Live Chat Feature: You can chat in real-time with the live dealer and write messages to them on the screen.

3 Tips to Win at CoinSaga Live Baccarat Squeeze 

Tip 1: Know the game (Baccarat Squeeze Live)

It’s a simple but key tip. It’s advisable to know the game rules for Live Squeeze Baccarat before playing; bonuses offered, wagering requirements, side bets, payout, RTP, etc. And start placing small bets to get familiar with the squeeze baccarat mechanics.

Tips 2: Bet on the banker hand and don’t bet on the Tie Bet

The best bet at Live Squeeze Baccarat is to bet on the banker. The odds for the player winning in a single hand of baccarat are 44.62%, the banker wins in 46.85% of cases.

On the contrary, statistically speaking, a bet on the Tie is a bad idea. Remember that the house margin for the Tie Bet is 14.4%

Tip 3: Control your emotions at the Baccarat Squeeze Table from Evolution Gaming

It doesn’t matter if you are winning or losing,  you need to understand that at a Squeeze Baccarat table it is important to not follow your emotions, and to try and remain controlled as much as possible. A player that is angry, nervous, or too happy will lose in the long term.


It is a very nice casino variant of Live Baccarat, in a perfect land-based casino style. It might not be the game for some players for two reasons, it’s not a fast-paced game, and the minimum (5 euros) and maximum (10.000 euros) bets are high, which will put off a lot of players. However, playing Live Baccarat Squeeze by Evolution Gaming is definitely a thrilling experience! If you would like to know more please contact our customer support team via live chat or email.