Is Bitcoin Live Baccarat for you?

Is Bitcoin Live Baccarat for you? That’s the question. To play at a live baccarat table with Bitcoin the first thing you need to do is make a quick and easy registration at Once registration is done you have to deposit BTC to the Bitcoin address provided by Coinsaga. After that, you can use your BTC to place bets on one of our many live baccarat tables.

To answer the question properly, you need to get familiar with the basic rule of the game. We advise you to read our articles How to Play Against an Online Live Baccarat Dealer, and 9 Tips to Win Online Live Baccarat to help you get started.

Baccarat is a really old table game, dating back to the 15th century, It originated from the Italian casino game called “Baccara,” meaning “zero.”.

Today, live baccarat is one of the most popular games in online casinos. Live Baccarat can be thrilling and bags of fun, and if played well, you can win good money. So, it is no wonder that this game immediately became popular among Bitcoin gamblers when they were allowed to bet on it with their BTC.

The game is really easy, a live dealer deals out two hands. These are the Player’s hand and the Banker’s hand. You place your bet on which hand you think will end closer to 9. You can also place a bet on whether you predict both hands will have the same value, this is called Tie bet and it is not advisable because of the low odds offered.

So, let’s get find out if Online Live Baccarat is the right game for you.

8 Ways to Tell if Online Live Baccarat is right for you:

1. Live Baccarat is Safe

If you are looking for an online live game that is completely safe and playable in comfort from your own home, Live Baccarat is the right game for you.

2. Bitcoin Live Baccarat is private and anonymous

If you require a high level of privacy and anonymity and you do not want to share your financial or personal information, live baccarat is the right choice for you. In addition,  Bitcoin live baccarat is secure because of the use of advanced protocols.

3. Live Baccarat means high-quality tables

Live baccarat means highquality levels of available tables, beautiful live dealers, and Speed Baccarat, Controlled Squeeze Baccarat, Salon Price, VIP tables, Standard Baccarat, with over 13 tables available 24/7 on it is the perfect match for players who only use BTC or for those who are just getting started.

4. Live Baccarat means full transparency

If you are looking for transparency, Live Baccarat allows all players to instantly check the outcome of their game sessions in real-time.

5. Bitcoin Live Baccarat is tax-free

All the money that you win while playing Bitcoin Live Baccarat is never taxed, this means players don’t need to bear hidden fees, commission, or other taxes charged.

6. Live Baccarat is fast

If you are a player who loves a high-efficiency rate, Live Baccarat is for you. Dealers count neither bets nor complete compound calculations, so betting rounds are faster, more action-packed, and players have more ways to earn cash.

7. Bitcoin Live Baccarat has low minimum betting limits

Minimum betting limits. If you like to play for fun and do not want to risk a lot of money, playing Bitcoin Live Baccarat is a plus, the minimum betting limits are as low as 2mBTC.

8. Bitcoin Live Baccarat provides instant payouts and speedy deposits

Speedy deposits and withdrawals of your funds in Bitcoin is unbeatable. There is no need for further discussion.

In Conclusion

Live Baccarat is an easy and exciting card game to play. The most important thing is that this online game is completely based on your skill and of course a little bit of luck. We’ve highlighted the main 8 ways to find out if Live Baccarat is the right game for you. The question now is, is the answer yes?

If so, Coinsaga offers you to try the best BTC live baccarat gambling experience available, thanks to the strong partnership with top worldwide provider Evolution Live Gaming. Moreover, you have full anonymity and instant payouts, two amazing features for any player.

Some Cons to playing Live Baccarat:

Here we underline some cons to playing Bitcoin Live Baccarat that should be considered:

1. Not many online casinos accept Bitcoin yet

2. Many people still consider Bitcoin software to not be reliable and stable

3. If you don’t have BTC you need to buy it by exchanging regular currency

If you are a lazy player and you don’t have BTC yet, you need to buy Bitcoin by exchanging it for your currency (Euro, Dollar, Yuan, etc).

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