5 Reasons Bitcoin Live Casino Are Better Than Traditional Online Casino

In this article, we will share 5 reasons why Bitcoin Live Casino are better than traditional online casino, as well as why all players should embrace the Bitcoin revolution.

Once you read these points you’ll start to play Live Baccarat, Live Blackjack, Live Roulette, Live Dice, and many other games.

Now, let’s get to those 5 reasons why you should play at a Bitcoin Live Casino!

1. Bitcoin Live Casino are transparent

Traditional online casino too often hide information from their customers, such as potential winnings, the “real” house margin, transaction costs, and have a bad reputation for using tricks that give the Casino a further margin over players. Most of the players are generally not aware of those tricks. So, players continue to gamble and lose without knowing the real weight of their losses. Online traditional casinos typically take this advantage from their recreational players (around 95% of total players).

With the Bitcoin Live Casino revolution, all this is simply canceled. Bitcoin Live Casinos are famous for being 100% transparent, which ensures fairness on all games and removes the possibility of deceit.

2. Bitcoin Live Casino are safe and secure

Most traditional online casinos require their customers to provide them with private and sensitive information such as credit and debit card details.

Providing your confidential data on these platforms can be risky, and a real block to start playing.

Bitcoin Live Casinos solve this by guaranteeing that player’s personal information is safeguarded. In most cases all users have to do is deposit funds to a crypto wallet address and start playing. Bitcoin casinos also skip the task of filling your details while joining and logging in every time you want to gamble. By not providing any personal information this is clearly much safer and more secure than playing at a traditional online casino.

3. Playing at Bitcoin Live Casino is fast and cheap

Traditional online casinos are full of costs, quite often the reason is the high transaction and deposits fees. Moreover, players have to bear taxes, commission, and a higher house margin percentage which can have a strong impact on odds quality and winning levels.

Playing at a Bitcoin Live Casino is much cheaper since crypto transaction fees are either very low or zero. Those Live Casinos are also not regulated by any payment services or banking institution, making transactions even cheaper. Players love low or zero withdrawal fees, and this makes Bitcoin casinos better than traditional online casinos.

Just an example, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller are good payment options to use when playing at live casinos. However, when you withdraw money using any of these payment methods you must pay a transaction fee. This is where those payment methods make money and take additional money from players. This is not the case with Bitcoin Live Casinos. Players who play at Bitcoin Live Casinos that use cryptocurrencies don’t have to pay any additional transaction costs.

Moreover, Bitcoin Live Casino don’t use any middle man since it is a decentralized digital currency which is not regulated by any financial organization, so it’s faster than traditional online casinos and you can deposit in Bitcoin in seconds, get bonuses and play at live tables straight away.

4. Bitcoin Live Casino are convenient and borderless

You can access and use Bitcoin from all corners of the globe. This has added value since some countries have restricted gambling entirely and citizens living in these countries don’t have access to reliable online gambling casinos.

Gamblers using Bitcoin casinos skip the possibility of joining illegal gambling sites, which are both dangerous and expensive. With Bitcoin casinos, players receive full access to their earnings and can deposit/withdraw their money/winnings from their account instantly from anywhere in the world.

5. Bitcoin Live Casino offer better bonuses and promotions

Traditional online casinos generally offer to double the first deposit up to a few hundred dollars. However, with Bitcoin Live Casinos the bonus offers have a wider range from 1 BTC to 5 BTC (Bitcoin value is approximately $9,000). Bitcoin Live Casinos also provide appealing promotions to attract non-Bitcoin players to their sites.

In general, the bonus model is better with Bitcoin Live Casino than traditional online casinos, that’s why Bitcoin casinos use the crypto advantages from avoiding the payment processing fees and chargebacks that fiat operators have to manage. These savings give Bitcoin Live Casinos the opportunity to take lower margins and offer better promotions.

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