Ripple (XRP) Casino Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Part 1

Read Part 1 of our ripple casino FAQ to find out more about Ripple how to get and use at a crypto casino.

Ripple (XRP) is a cryptocurrency that is underrated, but growing fast. This payment method is by far the fastest way to deposit and withdraw money, taking just a matter of seconds.

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What is Ripple (XRP)?

Ripple is one of the older cryptocurrencies, starting back in 2012. Ripple was created with a limit of one hundred billion XRP. This is a lot compared to other cryptocurrencies, but there are no plans for further issuance of the currency. It is because of the high number of coins and the way that it has been created that sometimes it is considered “centralized” technology. But it is this the unique mechanism of Ripple, which brings a lot of potential and the highest level of privacy for users.

What are The Benefits of Using Ripple?

The main benefit of Ripple is the ability to send money in seconds. For instance, think about sending money via a bank from France to Japan, it will probably take four/five working days. With Ripple, it takes just a few seconds!
Ripple brings other big and unique benefits, such as:
Super-low cost of transactions. The standard fee is around 0.00001 XRP. When you factor in that the value of 1 XRP is $1 at the moment, the advantage is clear.
Ultra-fast money transfers. This is the main feature and advantage of Ripple. Sending money anywhere in the world now takes just seconds! This is simply unbeatable and is the future of money transfers.

What Benefits does Ripple Bring to Online Casino Players?

The benefits of XRP for casino players are as follows:
1) Ultra-fast deposits and speedy cash outs. Ripple is faster than any other crypto or fiat payment method. Taking seconds, not many minutes hours or days like other crypto and fiat currencies.
2) Cheaper transfer costs (see the answer to question 2 above)
3) Full confidentiality: Transactions are done publicly using smart contracts, but the data contained regarding the payment is encrypted, meaning your identity remains private.
4) Anonymity: You do not need to go through a complex and tedious KYC (know your customer) process.
5) No need for a bank account: You can send XRP funds via the Internet.
6) Get bonuses by betting: Ripple casinos such as Coinsaga provide players with XRP bonuses if you bet on your favourite games.
7) No volatility: Ripple is centralised, so it’s not as volatile as Bitcoin. Stability is another key factor of this coin.

Do Ripple Casinos Offer Instant Cash Out?

Yes! This is the main benefit of using a Ripple casino. You can receive your winnings back to your Ripple wallet in less than a minute.

How can I Start Playing at a Ripple Casino (XRP)?

To start playing at a Ripple casino, please follow the steps below:
– the first step is to register an account on a crypto exchange site such as Binance. Ripple’s official site has a list of all the suitable exchanges;
– after signing up, you can place an order to buy Ripple;
– select how many coins you want to purchase and click “Buy Now”;
– the XRP will then become available in your “wallet” section;
– Now you are able to send XRP to your chosen Ripple casino’s address, such as Coinsaga.

Is it possible to Bet Anonymously at a Ripple Casino?

Yes, at a Ripple casino, you can bet in full privacy, and anonymity is guaranteed.
This is the opposite to a traditional fiat currency casino, where you will be required to go through a long KYC and bureaucracy process, to upload your ID card and proof of address (bank statement or electricity bill). Ripple casinos don’t ask for any of those documents. You only have to check that the casino accepts Ripple.


The big advantage of using Ripple is, without a doubt, the ultra-fast money transaction time. This disruptive technology will conquer the banking world. The crypto casino industry quickly adopted Ripple as a payment method and gained a huge advantage compared to traditional online casinos.

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