Red Queen Casino Game Review – Evoplay Entertainment

Maximum Win2.880 coins
Minimum Bet0.01 coins
Maximum Bet1.000 coins
Return to Player (RTP)96%
Free Spins AvailableNo

In this Red Queen Casino Game review, we will present one of the simplest and easiest to learn card games on the gaming market. Red Queen is a two-dimensional instant win production that was developed by Evoplay Entertainment. It has got fixed odds and belongs to the category of provably fair online games. With the press of just one button, the player will either win or lose his money. It is that easy.

The game has no hidden features like most Slots and is very attractive for beginners. Each round of play can be analyzed and verified independently to check the fairness. The main objective is to search for the lady in red – The Queen of Hearts or Queen Red. If you find her, you get awarded with a generous reward. But be careful as there are obstacles along the way. Two Jacks are hiding among the cards and will try to spoil the party. You have been tasked to not let that happen.

Red Queen Casino Game review
Red Queen Casino Game review

Game Specifications

Software ProviderEvoplay Entertainment
Date of ReleaseMarch 2018
Game TypeTable Game
Game ResolutionFull HD (16:9)
Autoplay OptionNo
Supported DevicesDesktop, Mobile, Tablet
Vertical ViewYes

Rules of the Game

The rules of play will be explained next in our Red Queen Casino Game review.

After Red Queen loads, the player will be taken to the main gaming interface. They will be shown 3 cards: The Queen of Hearts, Jack of Diamonds, and Jack of Clubs. Those are the only 3 actors in this release. The cards will then be turned over, shuffled, and the play begins. Your goal is to click on the right card under which the Queen of Hearts is hiding. If you made the correct guess, you would receive a payout of 2.88 times the wagered sum. Clicking on one of the Jacks will lose your bet.

Red Queen Casino Game Win
Red Queen Casino Game Win

The cards’ shuffling is just an animation, and they will be randomly placed in one of the three spots. Following the Queen during the shuffling process and trying to memorize where she landed will not help. As soon as the cards stop moving, you can point and click on the one you believe is the winning ticket. All cards will then be turned over, and if you guessed correctly, your balance would be updated to reflect your winning total. When one round of play ends, the cards will be re-shuffled and prepared for the next contest.

Features of the Game

In this Red Queen Casino Game review below, we will describe the wagering process and all the available features you can play with.      

Your total balance is written underneath the cards. Before starting the round, make sure that your betting amount is correctly entered. The Total bet field displays your betting info. You can click inside the area, delete the minimum bet, and enter the sum you want to wager and play with. Any numbers from 0.01-1000 are possible.

*The /2 button divides the entered amount in half.

*The X2 button multiplies it by two.

*The designated Min or Max buttons will automatically wager either the minimum allowed bet or the maximum one. Clicking on the Max button when your balance is below 1000 coins will make a bet with your total available coins.  

Two more buttons are available on the left side of the screen. The first of those shows a Question Mark logo. Clicking on it will display the instructions and rules of the game. The Sound icon next to it switches the sound on or off.

How to Check if a Slots Game is Provably Fair?

Our Red Queen Casino Game review will now describe what a provably fair game is. You will learn how every player can inspect and verify each of his rounds of play for fairness. 

Provably fair Casino Games have random outcomes; they are based only on luck and a Random Number Generator. Such games allow people to independently confirm the result of bets. Provably fair games are based on public and transparent Blockchain technology. All the records are publicly available information, and it is this system that guarantees game developers’ sincerity.

On the right side of your screen, you can inspect the history of your bets. It shows your betting amount, profit, and the position of the Red Queen. The card hiding the Queen of Hearts has a red heart symbol while the Jacks are depicted in black. A green checkmark is visible each time you made the correct decision in contrast to the red X when you made the wrong one.

To check a particular round for fairness, click on the “i” logo in your betting history. This will display information about that round: The data and time of the bet, wagered sum, profit, and the two most essential pieces of info, the HASH and the SALT.

Red Queen Casino Game Provably Fair
Red Queen Casino Game Provably Fair

Copy the SALT entry and paste it into any SHA256 hash generator online. Make sure the copy/pasted entry is correct and doesn’t have any empty spaces. The generator will automatically generate a HASH code, which will be the same as the one displayed in your round information window. If the codes match, the game is provably fair. If they don’t, you have proof that your Bitcoin Casino is making false claims. By inspecting the Red Queen instant game data hosted on CoinSaga (all rights reserved), you will conclude that the rounds’ outcomes are random.


Red Queen, developed by Evoplay Entertainment, is a fixed-odds instant game where you need to locate the correct card to receive a 2.88 times multiplied reward. It has got a broad betting range from 0.01-1000 coins, which makes it the right choice for starters in the gambling niche. But it is also an exciting choice of game for those aiming at higher limits.

It is based on a Random Number Generator and is provably fair. The operator cannot manipulate the rounds as everything is recorded on a public blockchain.

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