The Coronavirus effect: 07.04.20

07.04.20. A day that will go down in football betting history forever, known as the first day of no bets made on football in years!

In memory of the leading experts in the sector, there has never been such a day. Even during prime holidays such as Easter, Christmas, New Year as well peak summer during the middle of August, the golden law of football never failed: that somewhere there was a game being played resulting in bets being made.

Up until now, this ‘law’ continued to be respected, even during the tough Covid’19 times. Although all the main football leagues in the world have since been stopped, Sports betting has always been successful in finding solutions to create bets, thanks to the few remaining competitions around.

The green light was given to betting on the championships of Belarus, Nicaragua, Burundi and Tajikistan. Albeit curious that the four leagues open to bets are all from different continents ( Oceania is missing from this group) but it didn’t end there!

Bets were also open on the reserve championship of Belarus, on the under 20s championship of Nicaragua as well as the national cups. A few more bets were also open on the friendlies between Swedish amateur teams, whereby Sweden is the last country, in chronological order, that has taken measures to contain the virus.

However, as of Monday 6th April, for the first time in almost 20 years, there are no possibilties to place any bets on any football games. The main bookmakers have absolutely no football events to offer to customers as of now. It is therefore being considered the beginning of a ‘black hole’.

A black hole in receipts that will add up to the segments that have already faced a sharp drop!

How long will the betting sector be able to withstand the impact?