What is the best corner betting strategy?

Corner Betting is one of the most simple yet misunderstood betting markets. Most bettors believe that betting on corners is random, and that it doesn’t deserve any analysis or statistical research. That’s wrong! Corner betting is an interesting market to invest your money in order to build your medium-long term profit.

So, what is the best corner betting strategy? Corner betting odds are calculated and derived from the Over/Under market, moreover, most bookmakers don’t pay much attention to correcting the odds because they think this is not a risky market, so you can find good odds opportunities. So let’s see what are the most suitable corner betting options available in the market:

Most bettors prefer to place live bets when it comes to the corners market. But there are still some profitable pre-match corner betting markets to be analysed. In our opinion there are two good prematch markets where you can gain an advantage:

Prematch corners strategy

  1. First half corners:
    online bookmakers don’t pay attention to the number of corners in the first half. They just count an over/under market line for the whole match (i.e. over/under 9.5 corners) and just divide into the first and second half, subtracting one corner most of the time (i.e. over/under 4.5 corners). Checking several leagues (like the Japanese League, or the German Bundesliga or teams like Liverpool or Juventus) there’s an ascending number of corners even from the first minutes, it’s really worth betting on the over 4.5 corners before halftime.
  2. Choose the undervalued lines on a specific team:
    this strategy focuses on the team that has to win the match. Usually, it is the home team in a league or cup match (Champions League, Europa League, or National leagues) who needs to win the match and score a number of goals in the process. It works especially well in the second leg of international cups where the home team has to recover a deficit from the first leg. Because you’re sure they’re going to give 100% for the full 90 minutes, not just to secure victory, but to score as many goals as possible.

There are many other prematch indicators to be checked before betting on the Corners market, below you will find the most critical ones:

  • Goalkeepers and central defenders: check carefully their ability during the match, and what they do during a corner kick.
  • Check the weather conditions (rain, snow): due to a slippery pitch, goalkeepers and defenders don’t think twice before giving a corner, to prevent a worse situation for their team, so the number of corners could increase a lot.
  • Check injury/suspension list: Watch out for specific absences, who can crucially affect the average number of corners a team has in a match. A change of goalkeeper, top goal scorer who likes to play on the line and usually invades the box, or smart midfielder Gerrard style, capable of making accurate lateral passes are important factors for a match.
  • Shots per game: This is a crucial indicator coming from the stats, you can find it in many football statistics websites, mainly from the top leagues. The bigger the number of shots per game, the greater the chance of getting more corner kicks. Look for the team with the highest number of shots per match, bookmakers still pay more attention to the league’s average numbers to offer odds.
  • Crosses per game: this is also a key indicator to check in the stats. For example, if the team has really good lateral strikers (such as Brasilian ones) you will probably have more corners in a match.

Live betting corners strategy

When we go live one of the best in-play corner betting strategies after 80-85 mins is definitely the Asian handicap over 1 corner. With this bet, you get your money back if just one corner is earned and you win after two or more corners. Watch out for games where one team (the favourite) is pushing for a late winner or a goal to draw a match. Odds for this bet start from 1.85-1.90 on 85 mins and ascend as time goes on.

A variable of this in-play corner betting strategy is on the Asian handicap over 0,5 corners in the dying moments of a match. This bet is open for only 1 or 2 minutes, usually after 88 min. and is still active during injury time. But most bookmakers don’t leave it open till the end. You can find it at odds of around 1.80-1.90.

When there are many corners in the first half, usually bookmakers at least double the exact number to set the line for the whole match. For example, when there are 8 corners in the first half, the over/under line will increase to at least to 15,5 corner. Placing the under is a valuable choice, depending of course on the current score.

Another best corner betting strategy is insisting on the prematch line. When the pre-match over/under corners line is 10,5 and by halftime, there have only been three corners, the odds on the over 9,5 corners are boosted and it is really worth taking. Given the fact that the match is still up for grabs for both teams.

When at halftime there’s a clear score (2-0, 3-0) for the favourite, taking the under line is the most logical scenario. Especially if the over/under line is, as always, doubling the number of corners of the first half. For example, if there are four corners during the first half and the over/under line is 9.5, the value lies in the under choice, supposing that the favourite team will not push the match to the limit.

Finally, let’s check some corner information specific to certain football leagues

  1. Italian Serie A doesn’t seem an over corner betting league. Most of the teams are focused on defense to grab a valuable result and even the powerhouse teams don’t attack when they reach a comfortable score.
  2. On the contrary, in some attack-minded leagues such as the English Premier League, German Bundesliga, or the Dutch Eredivisie there are more corners per match, as the teams statistically score more goals and keep on attacking till the end, regardless of the current score.
  3. Latin American Leagues, especially Brazil and Colombia, have many more corners than European leagues, due to talented lateral strikers.
  4. Watch for over lines in African Championships (especially South Africa) or international competitions in Africa for clubs and national teams. In general, African goalkeepers are less capable than their European counterparts.
  5. Many Eastern European leagues have less corners than the Western European leagues. There aren’t so many shots on goal, especially during the winter months.

In conclusion, there are many ways to get the best corner betting strategy and make a profit through this betting option. This betting market doesn’t depend only on luck, but on betting discipline, patience, research, good odds, and the right momentum. So, what are you waiting for?