What is 1X2 betting? 4 useful tips to help improve your bets

1X2 betting is a way of betting on sports where there is the possibility of a draw. Very simply, the 1 refers to a home win, the X a draw, and the 2 an away win.

The success of the 1X2 betting market is its simplicity. Anyone can understand the principle of guessing the outcome of a match after 90 minutes and betting accordingly. However, it’s another story to get money from this market, therefore it is important to follow a strategy, and get useful tips to help you place the right bets.

How to calculate your payout for a betslip on the 1X2 betting market

It is easy to calculate the payout on your 1X2 bet. For example, let’s say you bet that Manchester City will beat Manchester United with a stake of €100 at odds of 2.50.

It is calculated as follows:

Odds * Stake = Euro return

So in our example: 2.50 * 100 = €250

Therefore if City won your bet would return €250 – including your stake, therefore a €150 profit.

4 useful tips to help you place the right 1X2 bet

  1. Understanding the odds:

The first thing you need to do is to determine whether the odds offered are good and what return you will get if your bet is successful. This is can be checked easily with your online bookmaker on your betslip.

But if you want a deep understanding of how the odds calculation works across different odds formats, you need to change your betslip odds into a percentage, then add the percentage of each outcome of the 1X2 together. The final result will come above 100% and this number over 100% is the margin for a bookmaker (for example 105% means bookies have a 5% advantage over the punter). This is called the bookmaker juice and shows how big and wide their mathematical advantage is.

You can do this calculation by using an odds converter to change your odds into a percentage, then adding the percentage of each outcome together. Because the 1X2 betting market only has three possibilities, it makes this process easy to do.

  • Check the recent form

It is crucial for your bet to get an overview of the previous wins and losses of the team selected; head to head games, injuries, suspensions, or any special motivation for each match.

A deep data analysis will help you to have complete control over your bet. There are several websites for stats and data analysis that can provide you with this kind of information. Last but not least, you would have watched games with the teams involved.

  • Keep your accumulator bet valuable

Whatever choices you are making for your accumulator bet, it is vital to make sure that you are following a line of thought.

If you are betting on a team to do very well in one game and then very poorly in the next, you have to ask yourself why and if there is no good reason to review your choice. It is crucial to view your accumulator bet as one single entity. This means that the quality of one selection doesn’t matter if another doesn’t bring value. It only takes one wrong choice to see your accumulator betslip returns go up in smoke.

  • Take the draw in your betslip

This is a really simple one. There are 3 possible outcomes in this market. However, the draw is often overpriced because punters see it as the least interesting result, but it is also the one with the highest odds, so you have to take it seriously when choosing your bets. Even here, stats and data analysis will help you a lot. The rest is your intuition.