BOTH TEAMS TO SCORE: How it Works and the Best Strategies

Both Teams To Score (BTTS) is a straightforward bet on whether you think both teams will score a goal during their match. It does not matter how many goals there will be in a game – just that both have scored at least 1 goal.

The Both Teams To Score betting market is a new and fairly simple specials market. It is one of the most popular special betting markets in the world, with only the over/under betting market played more. Regardless of if you have placed bets on BTTS before or not, we are sure that you will improve your betting success after you read our tips. And, it may inspire your own betting strategy.

How to win with BTTS?

This is similar to the Over 2.5 betting strategy. If you want to make some money from this market you need to examine the probability of both teams scoring. Both teams to score strategies and predictions are becoming more popular by the day, and both teams to score stats are now covered by many tipsters in detail on their websites. This is a very useful tool, and you can compare the match odds and both teams to score option to see if the offered winnings are worth it or not. 100% both teams to score can be a valuable partner during your betting career.

All you need to do is find a match with two teams that like to score a lot and are weak and careless in defence. The odds might not be that tempting – the bookmakers, of course, know it and expect it – but you will in most cases win your bet. What happens when you want more than the 1.40 or 1.50 that is usually offered in cases like this? You can combine matches in an accumulator (acca bet) – three or four legs would do the job – or search a little deeper into the stats.

For example, you can pick teams that score easily but have been out of form in the last month. Recent form is the key to this kind of bet. Normally the odds will have been adjusted to that and they will have some value.

In Both Teams To Score (BTTS) bets, you should always pay attention not only to the stats, but also to the injury or doubtful player list as well as which players are suspended for the next match. The absence of one or more key players could have a significant change on the match, so always keep that in mind.

Head to head is another statistical factor you should take into consideration. Many teams might have a few BTTS in a row, but the next match could be against a local rival. Usually in local derbies the matches are much more closed and end with fewer goals.

And finally, let’s talk about motivation. Maybe the strongest factor in football. That’s probably why it is better to place a BTTS bet in group stage matches or on the final matchday of a league. Both teams desperately need a goal in order to qualify, to play in Europe next season, to avoid relegation, or score a lot of goals simply because they can play without any pressure. A lack of motivation can have the opposite effect.