Accumulator Betting: What is it and Betting Tips

In this article, we explain what accumulator betting is as well as provide useful tips to help you profit more from this market. Accumulator betting, often referred to as acca betting is really popular among punters.

Betting with accumulator bet is any betslip that includes four selections or more. So accumulators are bets consisting of several bets that are part of the same stake. If it seems complicated, here is a simple example.

There are four upcoming Premier League matches and you want to bet on all of them. Instead of placing single bets for each separate match, you add all your selections to one betslip.

If all four predictions are correct, you win your bet. On the other hand, if only one prediction is wrong, you lose the whole bet. The interesting thing is that the possible payout is much higher with acca than with single bets.

If you ask a professional gambler about betting with accumulator bet, they will tell you that the only way to have control of your bets is to bet on singles. The more selections you add to your betslip, the more you reduce your chance of winning. That’s true, however, there are several ways to make accumulator bets more profitable, and that is why acca remains very popular with the vast majority of punters.

What makes betting with accumulator bet attractive is that you can potentially win a big amount of money without having to risk a lot of money to place a bet.

  • Winning probability possibilities

The mathematical winning percentage is important to understand in football accumulator bets.

That’s because in a typical 3-way single bet the theoretical winning possibility of every selection (Home Win, Draw, Away Win) stands at 33.333%.

In a double bet, we get on one out of nine possible outcomes, as both of your selections have to be confirmed in these two matches. Suppose that we bet on two Home Wins, we have staked our money on a 1 – 1 combination, with the other eight being 1-X, 1-2, X-1, X-X, X-2, 2-1, 2-X and 2-2. This means that in theory, we only have a 11.111% possibility of winning the bet.

In a treble bet the theoretical chances of winning stand at 3.703%, as you get one out of 27 possible combinations. For a fourfold, your chances of winning are only 1.234%, as you choose one of 81 possible combinations.

These are only mathematical percentages, not actual chances derived from analysis and research. The actual chances of winning are higher than these numbers, however, they still remain lower when compared to any single bet, but this is what makes your possible winnings much larger.

  • Real boost to your profits

When placing an acca bet, your target is a big win, because the odds are multiplied. On odds of (2.00) on a single bet the best you can do is double your money. If you place a double on the same odds (2.00) each, you get four times your stake, a 300% increase of your initial stake! On a treble bet, your earnings are eight times your stake, in a fourfold of 2.00 bets you get 16 times your money. The higher odds you choose, the larger the amount you get if you win your acca bet.

  • Tips for acca betting

The first tip is to never exaggerate the number of selections. You can go for 5, 6 and even 10 selections. However, the more selections you have, the higher the chance of one of them losing and with it your entire slip.

Another tip is to search for bets with accumulator bonuses, like the acca insurance. You can get refunds on some of your losses and a possible second chance to win some cash.

Then it is always smart to do your research before placing bets, so don’t be lazy and study! Additionally, it’s wise to stay away from short odds as these rarely pay off when included in accumulators. Finally, we advise you to be sensible, patient, and smart. Betting with accumulator bet involves many losses alongside huge wins. So you should remain calm as well as stick to your long-term betting strategy.

  • Accumulator system bets

Betting systems such as Trixie, Yankee, Heinz, Canadian, etc., are another type of accumulator bet.

Apart from the “fixed” betting systems, online bookmakers allow you to build your own pattern of football accumulators and even win despite losing one or two selections.

For example, when you select six matches, it’s not obligatory to bet only in a straight bet containing all six selections or choosing a Canadian system, containing 26 different bets, from doubles to fivefold. You can choose a third way, to bet only on trebles made of these five matches (10 bets) and the fivefold (1 bet). Or the doubles (10 bets), or the quadruples (5 bets), whatever suits your liking. Online bookmakers’ types of bets are very flexible, so the punter can choose the type that best serves their needs.

  • Cashing out acca bets

Cash-out betting becomes more popular by the day, especially if you include acca bet matches that start at different times. When three selections of your fourfold bet have been won and the last match starts in about half an hour, you can get the advantage to use the cash-out service and take the money.

  • Bonus and number of selections and odds

Accumulator bets are a good way to increase your potential winnings. Our advice is to not choose huge acca bets if there’s no good reason for this. Winning an eightfold bet could mean a huge amount (online bookmakers let you calculate your accumulator when you place the bet). You should start with doubles or trebles at first and then proceed to wider acca bets, as fewer selections let you better calculate the value.

  • Accumulator bonus and boosted odds

Most online bookmakers offer different bonuses when your betting with accumulator bet, like the multiple bonus bet which increases the percentage with each selection you add into your stake, or acca insurance which refunds money or win a free bet if you lose an accumulator bet for only one lost selection.

Punters have an extra reason to place acca bets. Boosted odds are the most common bonus offered, as the bookie increases the total potential winnings. Usually, the increased percentage is between 20% and 30% of the initial total odds of your bet. Of course, the percentage gets bigger the more matches you add to your bet. This is a profitable offer for players who can select the ones they like.