The Benefits of Using Cryptocurrencies when Playing Online

Cryptocurrencies have brought many new features and interesting benefits to the online gambling industry. Many of which we will describe in more detail here…

What are the Main Benefits of Using Cryptocurrencies in Online White Label Casino?

Fast Transactions

Each cryptocurrency transaction is made through blockchain decentralised technology. This means that players can deposit money instantly from their crypto wallet into their online casino account, with no need for an intermediary (bank or any other financial institution). Because banks are not part of this process and they do not check transactions, the money flows easier and faster for both players and casinos.

Easy Withdrawals

Playing with cryptocurrencies at a crypto casino has many benefits compared to playing with fiat at a standard online casino. With cryptocurrencies, players have full control of their funds, which includes being able to make instant withdrawals, adding great value to players and to the crypto casino because money can be moved quickly and in an easy way.


All crypto transactions are anonymous. The only information available is the wallet number from which the cryptocurrency is transferred. E-wallet owners are registered under pseudonyms and do not have to provide personal details.

Lower Transaction Fees

Using cryptocurrency as a payment method for online gaming greatly reduces or removes transactions fees, which are common in the standard banking system.

Payment History Records

Blockchain technology allows online players to check any past transactions made. This helps a lot with player trust and eliminates any misunderstandings because both parties can check the payment history at any time.

Safe and Secure Wallet

Access to e-wallet funds is secured from possible hacker attacks thanks to blockchain technology.

Fraud Elimination

Each part of a cryptocurrency transaction is verified and recorded on the blockchain. As a result, the possibility of fraud is therefore removed, meaning that players don’t need to worry about funds or their identities being stolen, and casinos don’t need to worry about losing funds as a result of chargebacks.

The big plus of the blockchain is that it guarantees that all payments are safe and 100% secure.

Impossible to Freeze a Crypto Wallet

Local fiscal and governmental bodies do not have the right to freeze cryptocurrency wallets. Moreover, e-wallets are created without involving the government and fiscal bodies in any way.

Playing Casino Games from Anywhere in the World

You can play with cryptocurrency from any country in the world with no boundaries. Cryptocurrencies are issued by the users and not by the state. Therefore, players can make bets from any country with no legislative limits.

Lots of Games

Every game a player wants to play is available on crypto platforms. From lottery to dice, from betting to poker and roulette. Most of these games are the same as those found at standard online casinos from the largest and most respected igaming game providers, meaning that these games have good RTP s, game mechanics, themes, graphics and interesting background sounds that increase player engagement and guarantee fun.

Bonuses and Promotions

Welcome bonuses are a key factor for most players when deciding whether to join an online casino. Players find crypto bonuses very interesting and attractive. Crypto online casinos are able to provide additional bonuses and promotions to players because overhead costs are minimised as a result of the lower costs associated with cryptocurrencies. Meaning that they can provide bigger and more tempting offers to potential new clients than standard fiat currency online casinos.

Payments Available 24×7

Deposits and withdrawals are instant and players don’t have to face delays in transactions or even worse, them being blocked by the bank. Moreover, crypto payments are available 24 /7, meaning no need to wait till banking hours or Monday morning for a payment to be processed.

Lower Costs

By playing with cryptocurrencies players get to enjoy their favourite games with reduced costs, which in turn leads to higher payout percentages and extra bonuses. That’s why the absence of transaction fees increases the payout percentages for crypto casinos.

What are the benefits of being a Crypto Online Casino for an Online White Label Casino Operator?

For an online casino white-label operator, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are perfect currencies. This is because they allow players to have full control over their funds, and the absence of third parties being involved in the transaction gives players an easier, cheaper and faster way to deposit and withdraw money. Cryptocurrencies are open and decentralised digital global assets, and thanks to blockchain technology they allow funds to be deposited instantly and the withdrawal time is around 90 seconds, which is the quickest in the online gambling industry.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the 5 Reasons to Use Cryptocurrencies When Playing Online?

Because they offer a higher level of payment security; you can play from anywhere in the world with no territory limits; they guarantee player anonymity and privacy; players get more bonuses and rewards; crypto casinos are definitely cheaper (lower transaction fees and user autonomy).

Which Cryptos Can You Bet With?

Most people know playing online with Bitcoin by now, and it is still the most popular cryptocurrency, but there are several other popular coins for playing online such as Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ripple.

Are Crypto Casino Payments Faster than Traditional Payment Methods?

Yes, they are, using crypto payment methods are the fastest way to deposit and withdraw funds.

How the Decentralised Nature of Crypto Affects Playing at an Online Casino?

Cryptocurrencies are decentralized, which means that no central bank authority or financial institution can take away a player’s money from their e-wallet, a player always has full control of his/her money.

The other big factor is the privacy offered by decentralised technology. Players can register anonymously, meaning they can focus solely on the games. All they have to do is just connect their e-wallet to deposit or withdraw money, with no need to share personal details or credit card information. Moreover, blockchain technology records all transactions offering the highest level of security possible in the online gambling industry.