How to Become an Online VIP Player: Casino and VIP Betting Explained

Gaining access to exclusive VIP betting and casino program brings you a lot of advantages in terms of rewards and a better service. A quality VIP rewards program is what marks the difference between online bookmakers. Top online casino and sportsbook sites offer VIP programs with larger cash bonuses, higher odds, and no-limit stakes for your bets. But to gain access to a VIP betting and casino program needs time and certain actions like a high and constant deposit level, big average stakes, and a low level of withdrawal.

So, if you are looking for how to become VIP you are in the right place, continue reading this article, and gain all the advantages it brings…

Types of VIP program offers

There are different types of VIP schemes, each linked to the site where you are registered and its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) service. For instance, Asian sportsbook like to offer their VIP players higher odds and no-limit stakes, while European bookies prefer to reward VIPs with trips to sports events or by allowing higher winning limits.

Lower commission rates

This is one of the favourite offers for professional betting players. A good example is the Betfair VIP program where the more your bet, the lower the margin you have to pay on all your winning bets. Usually, a points system is applied that calculates your total stakes. The more points you collect, the less money you have to pay to the Betfair betting exchange every time you win.

Higher betting limits & no-limit winning

Most common among Asian sports betting sites, high roller punters will see larger or no limits on their maximum bets accepted and even on their max winnings. This is called a no-limit VIP betting and casino player scheme, which is designed in order to attract high rollers.

Higher withdrawal limits & no-limit payouts

A good VIP program allows you to withdraw your money with no-limits on payouts. It is likely that at some point you have bumped into restrictions as bookmakers prefer you to bet your balance again instead of withdrawing it.

However, a good VIP scheme lets you withdraw large amounts of winnings with no time limit (day or week).

No fees on deposits/withdrawals

Banking commission fees are a common problem among high rollers, because they reduce your profits. A quality VIP program allows you to complete all your deposits and withdrawals without encountering any added fees.

Cashback programs

Most bookmakers offer their VIP players cashback programs, and this is really appreciated by VIP players, who receive part of their lost money back, allowing them to continue to play for free.

Benefits of being a VIP betting player

The feeling of being at home and being part of an exclusive club is a key factor for VIP betting players. Bookmakers that understand this well create a world around the player and provide them with the best gaming experience.

Dedicated VIP account manager

If you are a high roller the sportsbook will open its doors to the VIP customer program by assigning a VIP account manager to you.

This is done in order to save you time from having to contact the customer support in case you require assistance. All bookmakers have a Customer Relationship Manager team (CRM), while high rollers will be managed by a personal VIP account manager.

Faster withdrawals

Standard withdrawals require a confirmation by the fraud and payments department before your money will be transferred. One of the added benefits as a member of a VIP program is that you will always have your payouts processed in a fast way.

Crypto gaming site tip

To be a high roller means you deposit large amounts of money. If you earn a small % of profit on your stakes you will be hit by the high cost of transaction fees.

There are different solutions to save money and time. For example, you can use a gaming e-wallet like Skrill or Neteller that has its own VIP program, where you can get free transfers between wallets, lower foreign exchange conversion rates, a dedicated VIP manager, and fixed ATM fees.

But our gold tip is starting to bet with crypto gaming sites and using cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin, where there are no transaction fees and instant payouts.

So check our section of the blog dedicated to crypto gaming, and start playing with

How to become a VIP

In this section you will find tips that will help you to increase your chances of qualifying for a VIP program:

Deposit every month (or more)

This is the first step. Bookies want to make sure that you top up your account each month or even more regularly. Deposit every month and keep the timings different where possible.

Get an understanding of how much money you need to top-up to stay in the exclusive club, for example, some bookmaker requires a minimum of €1,000 each month to enter a VIP program.

Try to limit your withdrawals

A regular player withdraws funds after a big winning bet, but if you want to stay in the VIP exclusive club and keep your status our tip is don’t withdraw often.

Bet big amounts and often

A true VIP likes to bet big amounts and often. You need to do the same to be a VIP. However, if there are no interesting sporting events coming up, obviously you don’t have to bet.

Most VIPs won’t be betting on unknown foreign leagues, but they like to bet on big teams and events, such as the Premier League and Champions League.

How much is the minimum stake for ‘high roller’ bets? We advise around €200 for multiples (larger accumulators) and anywhere between €300-500 if you’re betting on singles or doubles. The fewer selections in the bet, the larger you should generally bet. Generally, once you become a VIP, bookies allow you to bet any amount, at any odds – this is one of the biggest advantages you can get.

Avoid low odds

Don’t bet big amounts of money on low odds. Not many VIPs are interested in huge risk for little gain. They ask for a good return on their investment. Try to avoid odds of 1.3 or less, although you may still get an offer or level up to a VIP program by betting on such odds.

Differentiate your gambling styles

Don’t always make the same type of bet – many punters bet on pre-match because it is the easiest things to do.

Singles, doubles, trebles, accumulators, Lucky 15’s, Heinz bets, in-play, and that’s just some of the sports, or Slots, Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette and more for Live Casino.

Bet in-play

Betting in-play is something every punter loves, and it is a key activity to becoming a VIP. And the ‘match result’ market won’t cut it on its own. You need to bet in-play markets such as:

· Over/under 2.5 goals

· Next team to score

· Number of corners

As well as other in-play markets.


(Here you find the frequently asked question received by the customer support)

· What is a VIP or High Roller Program?

A VIP or high roller program is a type of betting and casino loyalty program whereby an operator rewards their top players by offering large and different bonuses, such as free spins, gifts, and much more. Many casino rewards sites operate with a level up and VIP points system. Only the betting and casino players who top up their accounts with large sums are considered high rollers.

· How to become a VIP? And join a casino & betting VIP Program?

To join, you need to deposit often and spend large amounts of money at the casino or bookmaker of your choice. The casino will recognize your behaviour and will invite you to join their VIP program. To find out how to become a VIP at your casino, we suggest you contact the customer services team.

· What are the benefits of becoming a High Roller?

The top casino high rollers will have faster payouts, large and different bonuses, free spins, gifts, rewards, a personal VIP account manager, and more.

· Is there a minimum amount of money I need to spend to get in a VIP program?

Well, there is no minimum standard, and it is different from bookmaker to bookmaker, therefore, you need to check and contact the bookie’s customer support. However, you will have to deposit large amounts of money into your online account and play regularly.

· How does it differ from regular play?

The rules of a game for high rollers don’t differ from the standard rules of regular play. However, a few specific VIP players have many exclusive benefits. These include higher table limits, which translate into high winnings as well as faster payouts, bigger bonuses, large cashback, and other rewards.

What are the advantages of becoming a High Roller?

The benefits are different but some of the exclusive advantages can be:

· Exclusive Bonuses & Promotions: VIPs have access to a full range of different bonuses that regular players can only dream of.

· Payouts: Big players have faster payouts so they can play again or withdraw their winnings faster.

· Higher Deposit Limits: When you’re spending more money, you can deposit more into your account easily.

· Personal VIP Account Manager: Best gambling experience with a 24/7 dedicated VIP manager.

· Gifts & Weekly Rewards: Online casinos often reward their high rollers with customized gifts and weekly rewards (even birthday gifts!).

· Invitations to Events: As a true high roller you will receive special VIP invitations to exclusive events, all paid by your online casino.