The 8 Main Benefits of Playing at a Bitcoin Live Casino

There are several reasons to choose a Bitcoin Live Casino over a standard Casino. The first being that the latter still only accepts fiat currencies such as the Euro, Dollar, Yen, Yuan, etc.

Better privacy, smaller transaction costs, instant withdrawals, higher bonuses, are only a few of the reasons to switch.. so continue reading this list to discover the full world of Bitcoin Live Casino benefits.

In this article, we’ve selected the 8 main benefits of playing at a Bitcoin Live Casino as a tribute to Chinese culture where 8 is seen as a lucky number, because in Mandarin the number 8 sounds like the Chinese translation for “prosperity” and “wealthy”. So here it is, the 8 benefits to playing at a Bitcoin Live Casino!

1. Privacy is the king:

When you register at a Bitcoin (BTC) casino, you will not be asked for any personal information. Not even your name or date of birth is needed (though you must confirm you are 18+). An E-mail address is needed at most sites, and then you can play in a completely private and secure environment. What is more, no document checks are requested when you cash out your winnings – these simply go straight to the Bitcoin wallet you specified. The majority of Bitcoin casinos have added in their terms & conditions that it is down to the individual player to determine whether online gambling is legal in their jurisdiction. There are no checks or restrictions in place once you tick the flag that you have understood this.

2. Fast and Furious:

Deposits and withdrawals take between 1 and a maximum of 20 minutes. This is linked to your wallet settings and the number of transactions running on the blockchain, but it is appropriate to say Bitcoin payment is fast and furious!

3. Lower / No transaction costs:

A large part of the costs of Online Casino comes from payment processing fees. When you play the Live dealer games at Bitcoin casinos every mBTC you transfer to play will be yours, no extra hidden fees are applied. There are no fees for players like 5% or any other commission for credit cards that many European and North American casinos usually apply.

4. No bank account needed:

You don’t need to have a bank account to play at a BTC Live Casino.

5. Safe at the highest level

It’s quite impossible to risk any private details when using Bitcoin to deposit or withdraw money using a 2FA (two-factor authentication procedure) or a ledger. Bitcoin is much safer than a standard credit card or e-wallet!

6. Higher Bonus Offer:

Lower or no transaction costs also mean that Bitcoin Casinos can offer higher promotions to their players. These include excellent welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, better cashback programs, and loyalty schemes.

7. Borderless solution

This one is the biggest advantages.

Cryptocurrencies are not tied to any country. Everyone with a bank account and a crypto wallet (read our article The best 3 Crypto Wallets for iGaming) can buy coins and use them on the Internet at vendors that are ready to accept them. Therefore, the target is the whole world and the possibilities are endless. Furthermore, fiat currencies (USD, EUR, VND, etc) are complex, and converting one to another can make the value depreciate, depending on its strengths and the international political and economic news. That is not the case with cryptocurrencies. Once a player buys them, they use them as they see fit, without having to go through a long and costly conversion process.

Again, there is no transaction fee with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Banks will not get a percentage of the transfer, leaving players in complete control of their money.

8. High stakes and over 70 live dealers at Bitcoin Live Casino

For players who like to play high stakes, an RNG casino can’t be compared with the real thrill of the Live Casino gaming experience. That’s the reason why offers the biggest limits for Bitcoin Live Casino games. Playing Baccarat, Blackjack, Dice, Roulette, etc., at our live tables you’ll find higher bet limits and generous Bitcoin bonuses.

Coinsaga also offers an original Bitcoin game to its players with the amazing live dealer wheel spinning game from our top partner Evolution Live Casino. All you have to do is predict which of the 6 numbers the spinning wheel stops at, be it 1, 2, 5,10, 20, or 40. And if you land on the 2x and 7x multipliers for big payouts.

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