The Best 3 Crypto Wallets for iGaming

If you are using crypto currencies for iGaming or thinking of doing so, you are not alone. This is because the use of cryptocurrencies in iGaming is growing exponentially. Whether you are new to crypto iGaming or just looking for a better wallet, here is our pick of the top 3 crypto wallets:


MetaMask is unique software that not only allows you to safely store and manage Ethereum and all ERC-20, but also allows you to interact directly with Ether-based Dapps in your browser.

Unlike other wallets, MetaMask is a web browser plug-in that is compatible with Google Chrome, Opera, and Firefox. It can be installed like any other Google Chrome extension or Firefox plugin.

Once MetaMask is running, a fully functional Ethereum wallet is available in your browser. Therefore, it is a useful tool for developers and those who want to preview various Dapps.

The most popular online Ethereum wallet service MyeEherWallet can connect directly with MetaMask. This means that when you use a browser with MetaMask to access MyEtherWallet, you can choose one-click login, assuming that your MetaMask account is also unlocked.

Metamask interacts well with Dapps built on ETH. The only difference between Dapp and ordinary web applications is that Dapps interacts with the blockchain. MetaMask allows users to use web browser-based applications.

Another interesting use case is online gaming and gambling Dapps using the Ethereum blockchain. One example includes a variety of casino games and applications that use cryptocurrencies for gambling and winning prizes.

All in all, MetaMask may well be the most influential wallet on ETH.


Scatter is an EOS wallet that shares most of the same functions as Metamask. At present, there is only a Chrome browser plug-in version. However, other versions will be coming in the future, such as mobile wallets.

Scatter is more powerful than MetaMask in two ways:


Identity in Scatter can be understood as a box, which contains EOS wallet data (such as private keys), and also some of your commonly used form data (such as your name, address, etc.). This function prevents sensitive data such as your EOS private keys from being exposed.


Permission functions add an extra layer of protection so that you always know what authorization you have given to which DApp. You can also revoke these authorizations at any time.

There are two types of Permission. The first asks for your authorization before a DApp can gain access to the data in your Identity. It is important to note here that your private key will never be shared.

The second type is the permission of some smart contract operations. For example, the data of each game you play on the chain is uploaded to the chain. It is more troublesome to authorize each time. This is why you can authorize permissions using smart contracts so that you do not need to do this repeatedly.


The TronLink Wallet is a safe, comprehensive, and professional TRON wallet, dedicated to providing users with safe funding options, a full-featured, convenient user experience, and rich application options.

TronLink supports TRX, TRC-10, TRC-20, as well as other tokens which are based on TRON. It’s functions include:

  • Resource freezing, thawing, and voting, allowing users to participate deeply in the TRON ecological construction process.
  • Open SDK and test network, comprehensively serving developers, and jointly strengthening the TRON ecosystem.
  • Convenient user experience One-click creation/import of wallets, easy to move, easy to use.
  • Support for creating multiple wallet accounts, one-click switching, free management.
  • Desktop software, browser plug-ins, mobile applications are also fully covered.

It has a wealth of application selection games, lotteries, exchanges, and integrates various DApp applications to meet user requirements, especially in the iGaming industry!