Spin and Win Faster with Instant Roulette!

Short Intro 

Welcome to Instant Roulette, the world’s fastest Live roulette developed by Evolution Gaming. Learn how to play with 12 wheels constantly spinning and get the best tips on how to win at Instant Roulette.

If you don’t like waiting in a queue or “dead time”, Instant Roulette is the live game for you, with its super fast game rounds meaning that players can speed through games and don’t have to wait for other players to go first.

Instant Roulette is another roulette game developed by live gaming giant Evolution Gaming.

What Rules Should You Know About Before Playing Instant Roulette?

Instant Roulette is a multi-wheel game which is simple to play, with very few rules to know of before you get started:

The first step is that you have to select and guess the number where the ball will land, (every wheel has number from 1 to 36 – European and French versions, such as Instant Roulette, have a ‘zero box’ in the middle, whilst the American version has two ‘zero boxes’). One of its main features is that there is no betting time limit, so you can decide how and when to place a bet. Basically, the player is the master of the game and when you are ready to play, simply click on the “Play Now” button and enjoy the spin!

How to Play Instant Roulette

If you’re sitting at an Instant Roulette Evolution Gaming table for the first time, you’ll feel at ease because the game follows the same rules as any other European or French versions of the game, meaning a better payout for you and one ‘zero box’ only on the wheel.

The main difference and between this game and other Live Roulette games is that in this case, you have 12 wheels all syncing together, allowing players to play without wasting any time, and with the game always starting within seconds. 

The bet limits range from €0,20 cents to €2.000, making it perfectly suited for either low or high rollers.

You’ll find the boxes, where you place your bets, at the bottom of the screen. Then, you have to select the chip value you want to bet on and click on the box to place your stake. If you make an error and want to change your bet, simply click on “undo” and select another one, so the player can play, control the pace of the game and get a near-instant result.

Finally, click on the ‘Play Now’ button, place the bet and watch the game start as the wheel spins.

One of the unique features is that you will always find two or three wheels available, showing you where the next ball is dropping and offering a near-instant result. One of these wheels will be selected automatically and your bet will be instantly placed there.

Watch as the the HD camera zooms in on the selected wheel and follow the spinning – if the ball lands on your selected box, you win!

After the round is over, you can place another bet or simply click on the re-bet button to use your recent bet level and play again.

You can set up your own strategy – read our blog article to help you find out the strategy that fits you best

Tips To Win At Instant Roulette

Winning at the table is never easy but with the right actions and selections you can increase your chance of success. So, let’s dig into our easy and productive tips:

1) Always Play With The Best Wheel 

This has just one name :“European roulette” – that’s exactly the variant used on Instant Roulette live, which offers better odds. This is because it offers only one ‘zero box’, which reduces the house’s advantage. 

2) Place Even Bets  

There is no doubt that you should place Even Bets – this is the best choice at Instant Roulette live tables. Place a bet on Red/Black (this covers the red or black numbers, zero is not covered by this bet). Even/Odd – this covers 18 even or odd numbers, zero is not included in this bet, or 1-18/19-36 – this covers the first or second set of 18 numbers except for zero. When placing even bets, you’re paid 1:1 (with the ‘zero box’, you’re close to a 50% chance of winning), and there is no denying the benefits of this strategy. With only one ‘zero box’ the payout is higher than any other Live Casino Roulette (besides for the French Roulette La Partage).

3) Play for Fun Before Placing your Money at the Instant Roulette Table 

Start out by playing for fun, this will give you a much better understanding of the game without risking any actual money.

4) Walk Away with your Winnings 

Set a bankroll that you’re willing to bet with before you start. Never bet with more money than your original amount. Also, set your winnings amount and don’t go over that limit!

5) Be Aware of the Casino House Advantage

It’s really important for you to understand the house Edge, how big is the casino edge on me? This gives you the right perception that Online Casino and Online Live Casino always have odds advantages over their players.

6) Play Only at Online Live Casinos That Have a Good Reputation and are Licensed

Always check if the Casino has a license number and gaming regulation (such as our coinsaga.com) .

7) Don’t Forget These Tips

Remember This Information Before and During Your Instant Roulette Game.


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