Live Football Studio by Evolution Gaming: Where Football Meets Cards

Finally, there is a live card game for football fans: Live Football Studio.

The rules of the game are simple and easy to learn. There is a live dealer who deals two cards face down, then the player makes their bet on which card will have the higher face value.

Live Football Studio is similar to Evolution Gaming’s Dragon Tiger, but with the added value of the football theme and live sports commentary.

Read on to not just learn how to play Live Football Studio, but ways to improve your chances of winning…

How to Play Live Football Studio

Live football Studio takes place in a studio very similar to what you would expect to see when watching Sky Sports News, or any other popular sports news channel. The twist being you can interact with the presenter and bet on the outcome of games, but how does it work?

The game is as follows:

  • You place a bet on a Home or Away win, or a Draw.
  • The live dealer then takes two cards from the deck and assigns one card to the home team and the other to the away team.
  • Once the cards are dealt there are three possible outcomes: a Home win, Away win or Draw.
  • If either the home or away card is higher, they win the match. Successfully backing the Home or Away team to win offers a double payout.
  • If, however, the two cards are equal there is a Draw, which is paid out at 11 to 1. In this case, if you backed home or away to win, you get half your bet refunded.

See the full paytable below in the RTP section.

Why is it Called Live Football Studio?

The main reason the game is called Live Football Studio is because of the game’s football focus and theme.

Moreover, the live dealer commentary covers all the latest news in the world of football, including news from matches in play. This makes Live Football Studio unique among live dealer games.

At Coinsaga, you can dive straight into the game by placing a bet or trying for free.

Live Chat With Football Expert

Another addition to the game that is of great value is the live chat functionality, where you can interact with the live dealer directly and instantly.

All live dealers are sports experts, so they love to chat about football as if they were at a bar with their friends.

The Importance Of Statistics

Statistics play a huge part in football, and Live Football Studio is no different. If you want to be successful at this game, you will have to cover the stats first.

The detailed tab with live game stats located in the bottom right corner is a must for all players.

There, you can see the most recent outcomes. They are shown with either H, for home win, A, for an away win or D, for draw.

RTP and Payout

If you want to increase your chances of winning, you have to be aware of the odds probability of the game, in terms of payout and RTP.

A home or away win has a payout of 1:1, meaning you will receive double your original stake. Betting on a home or away win has a very fair RTP of 96.27%. A draw, on the other hand, has a much higher payout of 11:1, but of course a lower RTP.

In terms of statistics, Live Football Studio offers a nice feature in the display where it is possible to check the most recent results (which are displayed with H, A or D, see image below):


Live Football Studio is perfect players who want to mix their passion for football with their love of live card games. The game is very simple to understand, and the value on bets is not bad at all, with a fair RTP on the home and away side of 96,27%.

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