Dream Catcher Live Casino Game: How to Play and Strategies to Win

Dream Catcher is a live wheel game made by leading live game provider Evolution Gaming.

Players can place a bet on numbers 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 or 40 and watch as the live dealer spins. If it lands on the number you betted on you will receive your bet back times the number you betted on. For example a €5 bet on the number 20 means a €100 euro win.

Read this article to learn how to play the Dream Catcher live wheel game, as well as two strategies to boost your chances of winning…

How To Play At Dream Catcher

The wheel is split into 54 sections made up of the numbers 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 40, plus two bonus multipliers (a 2x and 7x) that can boost your Dream Catcher winnings. There is a unique color for each of the numbers above.

If the spin stops on your selected number, you will receive the payout according to that number. The two bonus multipliers will multiply the number of the proceeding spin! For example, a 7x multipier followed be a spin of 10 in the next round will be a 70x return for anyone who betted on 10.

dream catcher game
Dream Catcher Casino Game

Key Game Rules To Play Dream Catcher

It is very simple to place a bet on the Dream Catcher live wheel game. Here are the rules you need to remember:

  1. There are 54 sections on the wheel (1,2,5,10,20 or 40)
    dream catcher wheel
  2. Choose your number and place your bet
  3. Once all bets are placed, the live dealer spins the wheel
  4. Dream Catcher has eight different outcomes (1, 2, 5, 10, 20,50, bonus 2x and bonus 7x)
    dream catcher outcome
  5. If you guess the right number, the bet is paid back (see the payout section) multiplied by the relative number where the wheel stopped
    dream catcher win
  6. If the spin stops on one of the multipliers (2x or 7x) all bets are blocked, and another round will be done. Any new wins will be multiplied by 2 or 7. For example, if the first spin lands on the 7x multiplier and the next spin stops on a 5, the multiplier winning payout will be 5 x 7 = 35 times. A good thing to remember is if the spin lands on the multiplier more than once the multiplier will be multiplied. Consecutive multipliers are unlimited.
  7. The maximum possible win with Dream Catcher is $500.000 US.

What is the RTP of Dream Catcher

The payout at Dream Catcher is really good and is definitely inviting to players to place a bet. The RTP (return to player) is around 96,58%.

Below in the graph, you can see the payout level of the game. Remember that if the outcome is a 2x or 7x multiplier, the odds will be multiplied by this amount. Also, check the Dream Catcher live odds because these will help you to understand the game probability:

  • The Number 1 appears 23 times on the wheel. (23/54 odds)
  • The Number 2 appears 15 times. (15/54 odds)
  • The Number 5 appears 7 times. (7/54 odds)
  • The Number 10 appears 4 times. (4/54 odds)
  • The Number 20 appears 2 times. (2/54 odds)
  • The Number 40 appears one time. (1/54 odds)
  • Multipliers 2x and 7x appears on the wheel one time each. (1/54 odds)
Dream Catcher Probability
Dream Catcher Probability

What Are The Best Strategy To Win At Dream Catcher?

The best tip we can give for Dream Catcher is to know the odds (RTP for each number) of the game and to match your strategy to your bankroll. Here are two strategies that will boost your chances of winning:

The 20-10-2 Dream Catcher Strategy

Why place a bet on numbers 2, 10 and 20?

Because with the number 2 you can cover 15 sectors, 10 covers 4 sectors, and with 20 covers 2 sectors. In total, you can cover 21 sectors. 21 from a total of 54 sectors means around 38,88% of the wheel. On the number 2, you must bet the total placed on number 10 and 20 together. For instance, you place a €10 bet on number 10 and €10 on number 20, so you will need to bet €20 on the number 2. 

With this model, you get back your money if the outcome is the number 2, but make money if the wheel stops on a 10 or 20.

We discourage placing a bet on the number 1, unless the previous spin was a multiplier.

Play Hard Win Hard Strategy

The play hard win hard strategy is a strong and risky strategy, it is for players looking for a big return.

Place a bet on numbers 20 and 40, which cover only 5,55% of the wheel, but with the multipliers of 2x and 7x. The bet on 20 can reach x140 prize + your bet if you hit a 7x. A bet on 40 with a double 7x multiplier will reach an outstanding 1960x!!


We have to say that anyone who loves slots will fall in love with this live wheel game, due to its simplicity and excitement.

Dream Catcher is a game of luck, but knowledge is still powerful here, so be aware of the game rules and the strategies we suggested here before you start playing.