8 Benefits To Playing Bitcoin Live Roulette

In this article, you will find a quick guide to the benefits of choosing to play Live Roulette at a Bitcoin Online Casino.

Players are always looking for a payment method that is safe, convenient, and fast. Many online gamers research instant payouts because this is the most important factor that an online casino must guarantee. With no risk of being proved wrong, traditional online casinos can’t guarantee instant payouts, and that’s one of the top reasons why players are moving to online Bitcoin casinos. Nowadays, Bitcoin is the top globally accepted form of currency, Bitcoin provides users with a reliable and safe way to spend money playing online thanks to the following amazing advantages:

  • Zero transaction fees
  • Instant and secure deposits and withdrawals
  • Anonymity and privacy while banking online

In the meantime, data analysis of online casinos shows that live roulette is a very popular live game, and with the increasing popularity, most online Bitcoin casinos have added live roulette, players seem to love to play live dealer roulette with their Bitcoin.

How to play Bitcoin Live Roulette 

The first step is to choose your Bitcoin live casino platform – mobile, web, and hardware are the three platforms you need to look at when deciding how you want to interact with your Bitcoin wallet. Then set up a Bitcoin wallet; once converted from your local currency (that can be Euros, Dollars, Yen, Yuan, etc.), you need a place (called wallet) to store your Bitcoin. The most popular method for online users using Bitcoin for transactions is to download the official wallet or set up an easy and user-friendly Web Wallet through services such as Blockchain.info or Coinbase. Then you need to create a public Bitcoin address – this is your digital signature for making transactions using your Bitcoin wallet.

The next step is to activate your Bitcoin wallet: deposit a small amount of Bitcoin (a satoshi is the smallest unit of currency) into your account to activate it, and after that purchase Bitcoin. 

This can be done in different ways, through a Bitcoin exchange, mining, or at any Bitcoin ATM.

Finally, choose Bitcoin as your preferred deposit method at your chosen online casino and complete your first deposit following the Bitcoin casino’s rules.

8 Benefits of Playing Roulette at an Online Bitcoin Casino

Playing Bitcoin live roulette has numerous benefits for gamblers. Let’s dig into this list of 8 benefits of playing live roulette in Bitcoin.

1. Play against a live real dealer

This is an unbeatable benefit for players. Players can play roulette against a live real dealer, not against a machine or RNG algorithm

2. Big bonuses and promotions

Bitcoin live roulette casinos offer big bonuses and promotions for BTC players. These are much larger than traditional online casinos due to lower house margins and transaction costs. 

3. Real-time interaction with live dealers

A player can ask questions and interact with a live dealer in real-time, all while the game is in progress.

4. Bitcoin live roulette games have a high number of live tables

Coinsaga.com offers you over 25 live roulette tables, with Famous Immersive Roulette, French, Speed Roulette, all in partnership with top provider Evolution Live gaming.

5. No processing charges

With Bitcoin live roulette there are no hidden costs. Moreover, Coinsaga.com won’t ever ask you to pay for using Bitcoin as a payment method.

6. No personal information is disclosed while playing live roulette

Yes, playing at a Bitcoin live roulette casino is one of the safest ways of gambling because your personal details will not be shared at any point during your gaming session.

7. Zero taxes on winnings

This is also very critical for players. With Bitcoin live roulette you won’t have to pay commission if you win at any of the live tables.

8. Instant payouts with zero commission fees

Let’s quickly analyse how easy the withdrawal process of your live roulette winnings in Bitcoin is.

Decide how much you want to withdraw, then which Bitcoin wallet you want to deposit it into. You can either use a long text code or QR code, enter the public address of your wallet in your withdrawal transaction. Confirm your transaction and your withdrawal has been completed.

The next step is to know how to convert Bitcoin back into your local currency. You can do it in one of two ways: either you can sell your Bitcoin to another user in exchange for money in your own currency, or you could sell your Bitcoin through a cryptocurrency exchange such as Coinbase.

In conclusion

These 8 benefits show that playing Bitcoin live roulette is the perfect mix of being fun and fast, while also being safe, anonymous, cheap, and secure. Last but not least, you’ll be able to convert your Bitcoin into any currency you choose at any time, instantly. 

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