The 9 Biggest Bitcoin Casino Wins of All Time

In this article, we take a look at the 9 Biggest Bitcoin Casino wins of all time. You’ll be surprised how big these winnings are and how big your opportunity as a Bitcoin Casino player is.

Bitcoin Casinos have made thousands of players very wealthy indeed, and it represents a unique opportunity for players to make big money in digital currency.

Because of this Bitcoin Casinos have seen massive and constant growth in the past year. And, they are not just changing the gaming industry, but also helping cryptocurrencies to grow.

You will see below how big some of these wins have been. And with the fluctuation of the Bitcoin price and its likely rise over time, these wins are only set to get bigger and bigger.

The 9 Biggest Bitcoin Casino Wins

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the biggest casino wins, starting with an exciting story that happened back in 2013, when Bitcoin really started to kick off:

1 – The first and biggest Bitcoin Jackpot Win:

The first and biggest Bitcoin Jackpot win in online gambling happened in September 2013. The player known as Nakowa spent an entire weekend gambling on Dice games. That weekend was spent wisely by Nakowa, after he brought home 11,000 Bitcoin. Today the value of this win is around $102 million. Well done Nakowa!

2 – A ground-breaking Jackpot Win:

2017 was generous to a Bitcoin casino player identified by the ID of #28ea0d38e1. In February 2017, this lucky person placed a bet of just 0.1BTC on a Bitcoin Video Casino game. This small bet triggered a record-breaking jackpot that paid him 259.74 BTC. This win would have been 20 times more lucrative due to Bitcoin’s massive surge toward the end of 2017.

3 – Big Win on Play ’n Go slot “Troll Hunters”:

Another big win happened in 2017. An anonymous player had a spin on Play ’n Go slot “Troll Hunters”. The bet amount of 0,16 BTC won a staggering 216 BTC in just one spin.

4 – Lightning Roulette makes one person 87 BTC Richer:

Another lucky player won a total of 87 BTC on the popular Lightning Roulette game. The player placed a single bet on a spin that paid out 500:1 odds and won 49.22 BTC. However, this player won 87 BTC in total during their gaming session. This can be considered one of the biggest Bitcoin Casino wins ever.

5 – Lucky Coin slot rewarded Bitcoin Casino player with 23BTC:

This anonymous player was playing on a slot called Lucky Coin by Amatic Games and won 15 BTC. In November 2017, Bitcoin was peaking at around $20,000, and was an extremely valuable win when converted to fiat currency. However, this player followed a streak and went on to win a further 8 BTC. Making their total Bitcoin win 23 BTC.

6 – Big Win for a newbie Bitcoin Casino player:

In 2013, a player called Nickelj managed his Welcome Bonus wisely on a slot by Betsoft called True Sheriff. Before the bonus round was about to come to an end, he got a free spin round. From the free spin, he took the decision to play a Max Bet, and that decision was well chosen because after that he landed a jackpot bonanza of 55 BTC.

7 – Lucky player wins 53 BTC on Live Roulette:

Another lucky player won 53 Bitcoin, with a value of $340,000 in September 2018. He won 53 BTC at Live Roulette thanks to the high betting limits of this game.

8 – Newbie gets the jackpot and wins 29BTC :

One lucky player hit the online slots jackpot in May 2020 winning 29 BTC ($250.000). This player was new at the Online Casino and didn’t have to wait too long to win the jackpot.

9 – The amazing win of 354BTC ($1.35 million):

Another recent amazing win of 354.24 BTC ($1.35 million) comes from action game Solomon Go. This big winner chose this game which is similar to the Pokemon Go craze that had big success in 2017. Solomon Go is a monster game, where players have to hunt monsters.

If all these big wins have made you want to try your luck, just go ahead, make a registration on, choose your favourite game and spin, roll, or draw to become the biggest Bitcoin casino winner of all time!

All the Bitcoin casino winners mentioned have proved that Bitcoin Casinos are secure and legitimate. Players can enjoy Bitcoin gambling because of the fast and seamless gameplay and payouts that are both quick and safe.

The more these big wins happen, the more players want to sign up and play at Bitcoin casinos, bringing more fiat currency into the game. Even the higher liquidity presents an opportunity for Bitcoin casinos to offer higher and better limits. This surely leads to even bigger wins in the future, and it looks like there is a bright future for the Bitcoin Casino player community.

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