Salon Prive Blackjack VIP: The Most Glamorous Blackjack Tables

Evolution gaming Salon Prive Blackjack VIP is the most exclusive, expensive and charming live blackjack table. In this article, you will learn more about the features of the game, how to play, and tips to help you succeed while playing.

Salon Prive Blackjack offers you the highest minimum and maximum bets possible. You also gain full control over the hand, change the dealer, ask for a card change or accept the existing one, increase the game speed or slow it down, and much more.

At, you will find the following different Salon Privé VIP tables such as:

  • Salon Privé Blackjack 1, with a minimum bet of € 1,500
  • Salon Privé Blackjack 2, with a minimum bet of € 2,000
  • Salon Privé Blackjack 3, with a minimum bet of € 3,000

The condition to sit at any of these tables is to deposit at least 6000 euros (or 600 mBTC) into your game account, otherwise you will receive this message when trying to enter a Salon Prive table:

You must have a mBTC 600 balance to enter this table
You must have a mBTC 600 balance to enter this table

Players already playing at will know well that Evolution’s live VIP game tables offer different limits, such as Diamond VIP Blackjack, Platinum VIP Blackjack or Grand Vip Blackjack. At Diamond VIP Blackjack tables the minimum bet is around 1000 euros, while the minimum bet for Platinum is 250 euros, and the Grand VIP has a minimum 500 euro bet.

However, playing Salon Prive Blackjack is at a totally different level, it is a new concept of full exclusivity and luxury playing.

How to Play At Salon Prive Blackjack Live Tables

Once you have deposited a minimum of 6000 euros into your game account, you will be able to take a seat at one of three live Salon Prive blackjack tables.

Another key feature of Salon Privé blackjack is that once a game session is open no other players can join the table or watch.

Salon Privé Blackjack uses 8 decks with 52 cards each, with random shuffle before each hand.

salon privé blackjack 3
Salon privé blackjack 3

The game rules are similar to standard blackjack.

You can find several customizations available at this table such as: you can adjust the speed of the game (slow or fast), change the live dealer, request an early shuffle, and choose not to share the table with anyone else.

What Type Of Bets Are Available At A Salon Prive Blackjack Table?

In addition to the main blackjack bet, Salon Prive Blackjack offers side bets, such as Perfect Pairs and 21+3.
The insurance bet is offered too, however, we don’t advise to place a bet there (the odds are against the you and totally in favour of the house).
Any information about game rules, payout, RTP can be checked in the Help section of the game. Moreover, you can chat with the dealer in real time.
For the entire duration of the game session, the table will be marked as occupied to all other players in the casino lobby.

Key Benefits For Players

Playing at this luxury tables provide you with many benefits such as:

  • The deal times can be controlled by you via the Deal Now button.
  • Only the best live dealers are at these tables.
  • A VIP Prive Manager is always present and available to resolve any possible issues instantly.
  • Adjustable the game speed for a slow (50 seconds to place a bet) or fast-paced game.
  • It is possible to change the live dealer with the button “Request Dealer Change” and you can even ask the early shuffle any time.
  • Exclusive access to the table. No other players can join the table, or even watch.
  • A user-friendly platform compatible with different mobile devices

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How Much Is The Minimum Bet Limit At Salon Prive Blackjack Tables?

To sit at a Salon Prive Blackjack table you must place a minimum bet of:
Salon Privé Blackjack 1, minimum bet of € 1,500
Salon Privé Blackjack 2, minimum bet of € 2,000
Salon Privé Blackjack 3, minimum bet of € 3,000
Moreover, you need to have at least 6000 euros in your game account.

What Side Bet Available In Salon Prive Blackjack?

Salon Prive Blackjack offers two type of side bets, Pairs and 21+3. The Pair side bet pays out if the first two cards dealt give one of three types of pair: a Perfect Pair (two identical cards), a coloured pair (the same colour but different suit) or a mixed pair (different suits).
The 21+3 bet pays out if the first two cards dealt combined with the live dealer’s face-up card produce a flush, a three of a kind, a straight or a straight flush, or a suited three of a kind.

What Are The Payouts At Salon Prive Blackjack?

All winning hands have a payout of 1:1, except for Blackjack (21) which has a payout of 3:2. The insurance bet is paid out 2:1.
The Pairs side bet offers payouts of 25:1 for a Perfect Pair, 12:1 for a Coloured Pair and 6:1 for a Mixed Pair.
The 21+3 side bet pays out 100:1 for a Suited Three of a Kind, 40:1 for a Straight Flush, 30:1 for a Three of a Kind, 10:1 for a Straight and 5:1 for a Flush.
Salon Prive Blackjack Payout

What Is The RTP (Return To Player) Of Salon Prive Tables?

The theoretical RTP percentage for Blackjack is 99,29%, while this drops down for the side bets. With Perfect pairs at 95,90% and 21+3 at 96,30%.
Salon Prive Blackjack RTP

Who Is The Software Provider Of The Salon Prive Blackjack Vip Tables?

It is the multi award software provider Evolution Gaming.

Where Are Salon Prive Blackjack Tables Streamed From?

The tables are streamed from Latvia, Canada and Malta.

How Much Do Players Need To Have In Their Game Account To Play Salon Prive Blackjack at Coinsaga?

You need to have a minimum of 6000 euros in your game account to take a seat at one of the three Salon Prive Blackjack tables.


Salon Price Blackjack Vip tables attract a very small number of players. These are the top live tables available. The key feature of these tables is the minimum bet level to enter. The BJ game rules remain the same, however, you gain two advantages playing alone at the table and the ability to take more time to place a bet (up to 50 seconds).

At Salon Prive Blackjack you also have maximum control over the game, thanks to good features such as deal now, request dealer change, and the ability to ask for an early shuffle.

This is a pure VIP experience at the most exclusive Blackjack tables. The only question is your wallet capacity, so take a breath, deposit 6000 of euros and take a seat at one of these VIP tables. However, only do it if you can truly afford to do so.