Grand VIP Live Blackjack: The Ultimate High Stakes Game

Grand VIP Live Blackjack is not a game for everyone. To get a seat at this exclusive table means a minimum bet of 500 dollars. This makes Grand VIP Live Blackjack an exclusive and unique table game. This game has been developed by market leaders in live dealer games, Evolution Gaming.

Grand VIP Live Blackjack has the same rules as classic bj, with some key differences, such as the ability to split any pair.

The RTP (return to player) of this game is around 95,90%. However, if you use the basic strategy (read below), the house margin goes down to approximately 0.61%.

If you would like to learn more about Grand VIP Live Blackjack and the best tips and strategies to win, keep reading.

What are the key features of Grand VIP Live Blackjack?

The main difference between Grand VIP Live Blackjack and other basic BJ tables is the level of the minimum bet. All crypto casinos have the same minimum bet limit for the game at 500 US dollars, while the maximum differs between casinos.

This is a table only for high stakes players, where you will find the best live dealers available, who are very skilled, serious, and game focused. This all comes together to make Grand VIP Live Blackjack one of the best bj experiences ever. Seating at this table immediately makes you feel like a VIP.

The basic rules are the same as other BJ tables. The main differences is the absence of the bet behind, the layout is the coolest possible, and the minimum bet is definitely one of the highest around.

Grand VIP Game Rules

The main aim of the game is to get a hand as close to 21 as possible, while at the same time beating the dealer’s hand. Here are the basic rules of Grand VIP Blackjack:

  • Hit – To ask for another card.
  • Stand – To keep your cards and not ask for more.
  • Split– If your first two cards are of the same value, you can split the cards into two hands and ask for a second card for each by placing an extra bet.

And, now, a couple of bonus features:

  • A multi-camera view for an immersive experience that put you right there in the casino.
  • A double down feature that allows you to double your bet.

Why Should You Choose Grand VIP Live Blackjack

There are several reasons to play this high stakes live version of blackjack.

This live dealer game runs on both IOS and Android devices, meaning you can play anywhere and at any time. The Grand VIP game also allows you to split any pair and double it. However, it is the exclusive and sophisticated nature of playing at this VIP table that makes it stand out the most.

Best Live Gaming Software

Grand VIP Live Blackjack was made by Evolution Gaming. Their 16 years experience in making live dealer games makes them the best live gaming software manufacturer around.

Founded in 2006, Evolution Gaming has revolutionized the live casino concept with its games and platform. Evolution is a multi-award winning software company and is the most important partner of Coinsaga casino.

High Stakes Player Blackjack Rules:

So, what are the golden rules high stakes blackjack players:

  1. Two cards are released to each player, as well as the dealer.
  2. Players can choose to receive a third card or stand with the first two.
  3. A winning hand is the one with the highest score closest to 21 (blackjack), but not exceeding it.
  4. Players can adjust their bet by selecting chips with a different value.
  5. The ‘Split’ feature can be used when the first two cards are of the same value.
  6. The main options available are Double Bet, Stand and Hit.
  7. ‘Bet Behind’ is avoided at high stakes blackjack tables.

Top High Stakes Blackjack Games

Aside from Grand VIP Live Blackjack, there are other live blackjack tables games available which also offer a high minimum bet limit and return to player.

Here we list the most important:

  • High Stakes Blackjack Table Type Limits RTP Software Provider
  • Diamond VIP Live Blackjack $1000 /$5000 99.28% Evolution Gaming
  • Grand VIP Live Blackjack $500 /$25,000 95.90% Evolution Gaming
  • High Limit European RNG Blackjack $100 /$20,000 99.60% Microgaming

8 Tips To Win At A Grand VIP Live Blackjack Table

  1. Don’t play at the Grand VIP Live Blackjack table if you’re a beginner player!!
  2. Remain focused on the blackjack game session and don’t be distracted by external factors.
  3. Follow a strategy, but don’t be afraid to modify it if needed.
  4. Play short blackjack sessions. In the long run, the casino will always beat you.
  5. Use the Half-Bankroll Betting Strategy (to protect your bankroll).
  6. Use the ‘Double Bet’ button if you would like to increase the stakes rapidly.
  7. Play at Coinsaga because it has a high withdrawal limit.
  8. Don’t chase your losses.

Basic Strategy or Optimal Play

Basic or Optimal play is a term used to describe the mathematically perfect way to play Blackjack over the long run, based on the house advantage. Optimal play is another term used to describe this perfect strategy.

The Basic Strategy is a complex strategy to remember, with over 250 different decision to memorize. We show in the below picture all the different choices, and how complex it is to remember.

This strategy is the one we recommend to use, even if it is not suitable for the average player.

Avoid These Strategies

Never use the following strategies, because each of them will increase the house margin and decrease your chances of winning:

  • Don’t copy the dealer:
    this means to play in the same way as the dealer does with the house rules, always hitting until a player gets a 17 or more. This strategy doesn’t consider doubling and splitting, among other things, and increases the house margin by 5.48%.
  • Never Hit a Bust Card:
    This strategy means to always stand if you have a 12, 13, 14, 15 or 16, so you will never go bust. This strategy of never hitting bust cards, even when the dealer is showing a 17 or more increases the house margin by 3,91%.
  • Take a 10 for granted:
    With this strategy, you always consider that there is a 10 under the dealers up card, and hit until your cards are higher than the total for both of the dealer’s cards. This would mean you would have to hit on a 17 if the dealer shows an 8. This strategy increases the house margin by 10,03%.

9 Simple Tips To Play Grand Vip Blackjack

  1. Hit when you have a card with a total of 11 or less.
  2. Never hit with a total of 17 or more.
  3. Always double with 10 or 11 if the Dealers shown card has a lower value.
  4. Stay on a hard 12-16 if the dealer is showing a 6 or less, while hit if the dealer is showing a 17 or more
  5. Hit on a soft 15 or lower.
  6. Stand on soft 19 or higher.
  7. Hit on a soft 16-18 when the Dealer is showing an 8 or higher, and double if they are showing a 6 or lower.
  8. Never Split fours, fives or tens.
  9. Don’t get insurance or take even money when the dealer has an Ace.

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