5 Advantages of Playing on Bitcoin Video Slots

There are several advantages for players to gamble on Bitcoin Video Slots in comparison to playing with traditional currencies. Many of these benefits are due to the unique nature of cryptocurrencies and the way Bitcoin was designed to work.

Just 10 years ago, Bitcoin was a new payment method with favorable properties that were not fully understood and appreciated. Today, we experience a trend where traditional Online Casinos are getting rebranded and are starting to accept Bitcoin as a valid payment method. The number of Casinos where it is possible to gamble with Bitcoin is growing every year.

In this article, we are going to present the 5 top advantages of playing Bitcoin Video Slots. It is our hope that by the end of it, you will understand that Bitcoin has great potential when it comes to Online Slot Games and that it is the number 1 payment method of the future.

Here is our list of 5 advantages that everyone should know about:

  1. Bitcoin is a privacy centered and anonymous payment method.
  2. Playing Slots with Bitcoin is cheaper.
  3. There are no maximum limits for Bitcoin transactions.
  4. Deposits and withdrawals from Bitcoin Casinos are fast.
  5. Bitcoin platforms have huge bonus offers and promotions.

1. Bitcoin is a privacy centered and anonymous payment method

Traditional fiat Casinos endanger a user’s privacy. Those of you who have registered accounts on traditional Casinos have surely noticed the amount of private information that the users are required to provide when they sign up. We are talking about full names, addresses, banking information, credit card numbers, etc. Personal details that are better not shared with third parties.

Bitcoin Slot Games Privacy

Signing up on Bitcoin Casinos to play Slots has been simplified to the maximum. Your privacy is guaranteed with these platforms because they don’t ask for identifiable information. To register a new account with CoinSaga, all that is needed is to select your username, enter a valid email address, and a strong password.  

Deposit Bitcoin to your unique address, and you are ready to start playing your favorite Video Slots. It really doesn’t get any simpler than this.

2. Playing Bitcoin Video Slots is cheaper

Playing Slots on Bitcoin Casinos is cheaper due to low transaction fees. Transactions at traditional Online Casinos usually go through banks and online intermediaries. This results in unnecessary costs for the players.

Bitcoin doesn’t use standard banking infrastructure. It relies on a P2P network. The associated fees are, therefore, as low as a few cents per transaction. An additional advantage is that the majority of Bitcoin Casinos don’t charge their players with withdrawal fees. If we compare that with fiat withdrawals through bank transfers, we realize that the associated costs can be as high as $50 per withdrawal.      

3. There are no maximum limits for Bitcoin transactions

Banks and electronic payment systems all have certain limits that players need to respect when using their services. When a player tries to carry out a more substantial transaction, it can be flagged and blocked for security reasons. The merchant will then ask the sender questions about the nature of their business, who they are sending money to, and for what purpose. This can quickly turn into an exhausting exchange of emails until the funds are finally released.

Bitcoin doesn’t have a governing body, and there is no one to ask questions. Players are free to send any amounts they want to play on their favorite Bitcoin Video Slots. A transaction of $10 or $10.000 is treated equally by the network. Players have the absolute freedom to decide what they want to do with their money.

4. Deposits and withdrawals from Bitcoin Casinos are fast

Many players have had bad experiences when depositing or withdrawing fiat money from Online Casinos. The reason for that is that it takes several days for these transactions to be processed and confirmed. Bank transfers can take up to 7 business days to reach your account. Credit card processing times are 2-3 days. Even the best electronic payment gateways require a few hours, if not more.

Bitcoin offers a quicker and simpler solution that allows players faster access to their money to play Video Slots. A bitcoin transaction can be sent and confirmed in 10 minutes. Waiting several days for the funds to be credited to your account is now a thing of the past. After your Bitcoin Casino has processed the transaction, it won’t take long before you have your coins.   

5. Bitcoin platforms have huge bonus offers and promotions

Bitcoin Casinos offer their players incredible bonus offers when they sign up to play on their Bitcoin Video Slots. Multiple types of promotions are usually available that players can take advantage of. This is another area where traditional betting platforms simply can’t keep up, and they offer significantly lower numbers.

At the time of writing this article, bet365, a well-known Sportsbook, and Casino offer all new players a registration bonus of up to €100. At the same time, CoinSaga Casino has an active Welcome Package, which entails a 100% matching deposit bonus of up to 1 BTC. 1 BTC is currently worth almost $10.000. The promotion also includes an extra 25 Free Spins on the Caishen’s Arrival Slot Game.

Bitcoin Casinos often offer multiple deposit bonuses. It is not unusual to see matching deposit bonuses on the first 3-4 deposits. That is not all. Some sites promote their brands by awarding no-deposit bonuses and cashback offers. Daily and weekly Slot tournaments are also a common occurrence.    

Final Words

With this article, we hope that you have seen that there are many reasons for players to play Slots on Bitcoin Casinos. They don’t just help in protecting your identity, but they are also cheaper and faster. Bitcoin Video Slots are supplied with favorable bonuses, and many games are provably fair.

The outcome of each spin can be checked and verified that it was random. Provably fair games are a concept invented by Bitcoin Casino developers. They were created so that players can inspect the legitimacy of a Casino.    

The next time you search for a new gambling platform, consider a Bitcoin Casino like CoinSaga. Improve your odds of winning but keep your identity private.