Zcash Casino Quick Guide: Anonymity Meets Best Crypto Games

Zcash origins: Anonymity is the key

In this article, you will find a Zcash casino quick guide, along with all the main benefits of playing at a Zcash casino.

The Zcash project started in 2013, when a John Hopkins University professor launched the Zerocoin Protocol as an extension of the Bitcoin protocol.

The main logic behind the Zcash was to guarantee and protect the anonymity of transactions, avoiding third party institutions, central banks, and strict compliance, via implementation of the protocol into the Bitcoin environment. Unfortunately, the Bitcoin community did not approve the project.

The protocol of Zcash only entered the market three years later in 2016.

The same management of Zcash have developed and created the Altcoin protocol too. They share the same network without further control and access to the data.

Thanks to those key actions, Zcash quickly gathered popularity and confidence, and it has become one of the most interesting alternative cryptocurrencies around.

So without further ado, let’s get to the guide…

Zcash Casinos: It’s Matter Of Privacy

Zcash (known as ‘ZEC’) has gained crypto popularity for its guaranteed superior level of data protection, thanks to the open-source protocol zk-SNARK.

The Zcash protocol is the king of user privacy and anonymity, and has been adopted by top crypto casino’s such as coinsaga.com and 1Xbit, and today playing at a Zcash casino is the best option for players looking for quick access and full privacy.

Zcash casino, slots, blackjack, or roulette games are gaining more credibility by the day, primarily thanks to two factors: it is easy to deposit funds, and all player transactions are off the record.

Depositing funds with ZEC is similar to other cryptocurrencies, meaning much quicker and more secure payments than traditional banking methods.

You only have to check if the crypto casino selected accepts Zcash. The other top feature is that all player bets and transactions are not shown on the blockchain, guaranteeing full anonymity. This is also the main benefit of Zcash over Bitcoin and other altcoins. With ZEC, it is simply not possible to track any transaction, hiding information like the sender and the recipient of the cryptocurrency.

It’s impossible for anyone to know where and how you use Zcash. As it is easily understandable that this is a disruptive technology, which will conquer the online gaming world in the coming years.

Obviously, each crypto casino will still ask for some personal information from you, which is correct and understandable.

The Advantages of Zcash Casinos

Zcash has the same advantages as Bitcoin and other altcoins in terms of banking (deposits and withdrawals).

Banking at a Zcash casino is free, private, and permission-less. Those features are unique and have started to attract even seasoned fiat casino players.

So, what are the other advantages of playing at a Zcash casino?

  • Anonymity: as we stated above, this is the most important benefit of Zcash, thanks to its unique technology with zero disclosure level. Transaction authorization is confirmed without disclosing personal data of the sender, receiver, or the amount transferred. Basically, the level of data privacy is the highest available in the world.
  • Transparency: Zcash offers optional “transparent” transfer information too. Users can send money using the letter “t”, for transparent way.
  • Cheap and quick transactions: the cost of an average transaction is really low, between $0.001- $0.002, or even less. Moreover, the transfer is instant and much faster than other crypto assets.

Zcash is limited to a total of twenty-one million coins, as per Bitcoin. Further, the Zcash approach was with a slow strategy, and a small initial fee.

Even the fixed 21 million coins issuance on the Zcash total supply increases the price of the coin. So buying Zcash at an online casino can also become a really smart investment for you.

How to Play at a Zcash Casino

Time needed: 10 minutes

There are some easy steps to follow before you can start playing at a Zcash casino:

  1. First

    First is to set up a Zcash wallet, or open an account on a crypto exchange site (such as www.binance.com).

  2. Second

    Then buy your Zcash coins on the exchange site selected, you can also get it via a faucet reward system, or you can even mine it!

  3. Third

    The last step is to send money to your casino account/wallet at your favourite Zcash casino (which you have very likely already opened).

Withdrawing ZCash

The Zcash withdrawal process is also easy and quick, and it can be processed in two ways: using addresses z-addr or t-addr.

Z-addr provides strong privacy features, adding zero-knowledge proofs to protect your privacy.

While the T-addr transfer is a standard solution similar to Bitcoin, where privacy is not encrypted.

If a player is looking for the maximum level of privacy, we strongly suggest using the z-addr transfer option.

ZCash Faucet Reward System

To get ZCash for free, you can also use one of the available faucet reward systems such as this. These games are easy, and you could win some extra Zcash (or other cryptocurrencies) playing dice or lotteries. The procedure is quite standard: specify your address, enter captcha, and win coins!

Best Zcash Casino Sites:

Currently, one of the best Zcash casinos is coinsaga.com, which offers a wide range of slot and roulette games, provably fair games, and anonymous gambling. Moreover, other good Zcash casinos include Fortunejack.com, 1xbit.com, Luckygames.io, and Zecvideocasino.com;


Zcash casinos are undoubtedly the future of online crypto gaming, where the highly innovative level of games meets the guarantee of quick, easy, and anonymous transactions. The technology behind Zcash casinos is definitely disruptive and will radically change the online gaming world, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t use it if you want to remain anonymous.

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