Crypto Casinos vs Blockchain Casinos

If you do a Google search for crypto casinos vs blockchain casinos it is fair to say you will get nothing back in return that really tells you the difference between the two. Well, that is as we write this now! Luckily for you reading this now, you have this article to provide you with a quick and simple answer…

If you only have a minute to read, and want just a brief answer here it is:

  • What are Crypto Casinos: Put very simply, a crypto casino is a casino that accepts cryptocurrency payments. Other than this, these casinos operate in exactly the same way as any regular online or physical casino.
  • What are Blockchain Casinos: Blockchain casinos do exactly what they say on the tin, they run entirely on the blockchain.

For those of you who would like a little more detail (not too much though!), please read on.

The 2 Main Differences

  • Transparency: When it comes to cryptocurrencies, transparency is a buzz word. Fans and experts of cryptocurrencies always talk about the transparency of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and how all transactions are visible on the blockchain and cannot be tampered with. For cryptocurrency casinos, this transparency only really stretches as far as the payments into and out of the casino. However, because most also accept standard fiat currencies such as the dollar and euro, transparency with payments is partial at best.

Blockchain casinos take transparency to a whole new level. This is because not only are payments transparent, but also the operations of the casino. This means that if a casino offers a promotion with monetary prizes it is possible to check on the blockchain if these are paid out. This makes blockchain casinos more trustworthy, because it is simply not possible for them to cheat their users.

  • Gameplay: If you visit a regular or crypto casino you will have a host of different games to choose from, from slots to classic table games. All of these games, the rules, and payouts are controlled by the casinos and game providers. There is no way to tell if these games have the win rate the casino claims.

With blockchain casinos, all games are built using DApps, this means that games and their code can be checked by players to ensure a game is fair and as publicised. Players also have complete control of their in game assets (such as points, items, etc). At no point can a casino take these away from a player. On-chain gaming also makes it possible to sell in-game assets to other players, something not possible in a crypto or classic casino. However, the major downside in terms of gameplay when it comes to blockchain casinos are the number and quality of games. For some, the simple level of DApp games that are available on-chain makes them boring and repetitive.