casino loyalty bonuses

Online sports and casino loyalty bonuses: how do they work?

The loyalty bonus idea comes from land-based casinos where loyalty bonuses were used to offer free hotel accommodation or invitations to special VIP events based on a customer’s loyalty level.

Of course, you have to spend more than the average member usually spends to get these kinds of loyalty benefits.

Online gaming sites present a modern concept of loyalty bonuses. They might not offer free nights in a hotel, but they have a lot of rewards to offer. Online sports and casino loyalty bonuses are usually activated from the moment you register on the site. So, once you make your first deposit, then bet and wager, automatically you start to collect points for your bonus.

Each bookmaker has its own way of repaying a customer’s loyalty by offering regular players free bets, gifts, merchandise, or sports event tickets around the world.

So, if you want to understand everything about loyalty bonuses, requirements and discover the different types available, keep reading this article…

Types of loyalty bonuses

What are the popular types of online sport and casino loyalty bonuses? Well, the most used loyalty bonuses are usually linked with bonuses or cash. Below you will find a description of each:

  • Real cash

Real cash is considered by players to be the best loyalty program in the world. This one offers real cash to reward players for their loyalty.

Real cash offers are rare and only a few bookmakers choose to deliver a real cash program. If you find a bookie who offers real cash, you can choose to withdraw the cash loyalty rewards directly or bet without rollover requirements.

  • Free Bets

Free bets are the most common reward program for any sportsbook.

Free bets are well received by players. After all, why should a customer complain about receiving extra money to play and win more? Free bets can usually be used on some specific events and at certain odds levels, and come with a rollover X times requirements, so players should always read the terms and conditions carefully.

  • Merchandise

Merchandise is used to repay loyalty to online sports betting sites. Most players prefer to receive real prizes and not just money in their account, this approach from bookmakers is exactly what some players want. Personalised team jerseys, tech gifts or brand new TVs are just some of the kinds of merchandise available. There are no limits when it comes to what you can receive from bookmakers. Bookies offer new types of merchandise all the time to attract customers.

  • Tickets

Probably the best loyalty bonus used by bookmakers: rewarding players with tickets to various sporting events for their best customers. Loyalty like a full-paid trip to see the UEFA Champions League Final or a Euroleague final four or Wimbledon finals match. Bookmakers are always happy to reward their VIP players with tickets to top sports events as a form of appreciating their loyalty.

  • Special loyalty schemes

Players do not necessarily need to be a long-time active customer to get loyalty bonuses. In some situations, you can enjoy a free bet simply by using a specific Payment method or following Know Your Customer procedures.

Once you complete this procedure, the bookmakers sometimes reward players with a free bet. The same approach is applied to player accounts that are dormant for long periods of time. Bookmakers offer those players free loyalty bonuses as an opportunity to restart playing.

How do reward programs work?

The purpose of loyalty program rewards is to make the entire betting process appealing and immersive for the customer.

So, how does the activity of a player turn into loyalty rewards, and what is the system that bookmakers use to track different levels of loyalty?

The most common type of loyalty scheme is based on points for the amount wagered, while others deliver the rewards to players without giving them the possibility of tracking their progress.

Points reward program

With this functionality, every bet you place and the amount that you wager is tracked through a progress bar. The more you bet, the more loyalty bonus points you accumulate in your account and level up.

Usually, there is a certain period of time where you must collect the loyalty points. You can choose to redeem your loyalty points for any of the reward types presented earlier, and bookies will often allow you to do so on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

Wagered amount (not shown to players)

This kind of loyalty program doesn’t show your progress graphically. On the outside, it seems like a less-rewarding program compared to the previous version. However, this system allows bookmakers to reward players even if they have not yet gathered the necessary points to redeem a prize.

In conclusion, loyalty bonuses are a great way for any bookmakers to keep existing customers happy, and to reward both sports and casino customers. It is an amazing way to retain customers on a bookmaker’s site over the long term, and extend the life cycle of players. This is a huge opportunity for players to gain in terms of bonuses offered and be pampered by operators.