Game Stats, Improved Gameplay and more in CoinSaga Update v1.4.0

Hello from the CoinSaga product team! Over the last weeks we’ve worked on some major improvements to the site that are sure to make your Saga even more fun!

Games now have additional stats displayed while you’re playing them such as their RTP, paylines, volatility and more. For the time being, this is only available for some of the more popular games, however, we plan to add these stats to more and more games in the coming months! It’s important for us that our players are kept informed on each one, so that they can make the best decision on what to spend their precious time playing.

The gameplay experience has received another improvement in the form of the new immersive mode. Simply click on the new “Expand Game” option to make the game much larger and simplify the page, allowing you to better focus on getting those big wins!

Apart from this update, we’ve also made a number of improvements across the site – which can be seen in our changelog at the bottom of the page – such as, adding significantly more payment methods, support for fiat currencies and four new game providers and their 300+ games. We’ve also quietly made over 100 speed and code optimizations that help make your CoinSaga experience consistent and fun!

That’s all from us for this week. Make sure to head over to and Start your Saga!

Regards, the CoinSaga Team.

CoinSaga Changelog:

10/12/2020 (v 1.4.0)
• Added Game Stats to certain top played games. Select games will now display additional stats on their gameplay page, such as their RTP, volatility, maximum win and more. The list of games that support this will grow in the upcoming months as we further populate the games library.

• Added an “Archive” button on the CMS Media Library. This allows content managers to delete images without the risk of mistakenly deleting an image that’s currently in use on the site. Archived images are kept saved and can be restored upon request.

• Added an “Enlarge Game” option when playing a game on desktop. This increases the size of the game while simplifying the controls into a new menu at the bottom of the game. We hope that this gives players a simplified experience that lets them focus on getting their big wins!

• Added a Game Category sorting tool on the CMS. Casino managers can now remove, add and sort specific game categories on pages with game carousels.

• Added tooltips to each option in game controls on desktop. Each button now has a clear indication of what it does.

• Added new on hover effects to game controls on desktop.

• Added a see/hide password toggle on password fields in the registration and login forms.

• Added the ability to further customise game carousel titles.

• Updated the single promotion page on mobile with larger text and CTAs.

• Updated gameplay pages on mobile with a new simplified top navigation, whilst also removing the bottom navigation.

• Updated the styling of game search results on mobile.

• Updated the text in the Privacy Policy pop-up to be left-aligned.

• Updated the icons for dropdown fields with a newer simplified one that's consistent across the site.

• Updated pre-footer texts on desktop and mobile with better-looking styling.

• Enabled canonical and hreflang code on all web pages.

• Fixed an issue on desktop Chrome where in in some instances a white bar would appear when enlarging a game while scrolled down.

• Fixed an issue where clicking on certain games would ask a signed-out user to log in, even if the game type doesn’t require it.

• Fixed an issue where not all content within pre-footer texts was being indexed.

• Fixed an issue where “Responsible Gaming” option in the footer didn’t have the correct link.


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