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Top 5 Gambling DApps you should know

As the development of the blockchain public chain becomes more mature, DApps based on the public chain are developing more rapidly. Here is a rundown of 5 of the most popular betting DApps (Data source from Dappreview):


Blockchain: EOS

Smart contract balance: 34.4K

24-hour users: 8037

24-hour trading volume: $251.3K

24-hour transactions: 258K

Dice is a very simple probability game. Numbers from 1-100 appear randomly. If you choose a number greater than this random number, you will win a prize.

The simple and rough gameplay means that anyone can participate, and this simple design will make people feel that the probability of winning a prize is very high in most cases.

At the same time, a lottery draw was introduced. Users can take part in a draw every hour, where different rewards are available. Although it is only a small link, it greatly increases the number of user visits, because it does not cost money and greatly increases traffic.


Blockchain: TRON

Smart contract balance: 1.2M

24-hour users: 2903

24-hour trading volume: $324.3K

24-hour transactions: 8794

Xdapp is targeting the decentralized cryptocurrency entertainment platform market. More than ten kinds of card games are on offer on the platform along with, lotteries, slots, and e-sports.


Blockchain: TRON

Smart contract balance: 7M

24-hour users: 2657

24-hour trading volume: $116.1k

24-hour transactions: 9311

888tron is an online gambling platform based on the TRX blockchain. Which has

· 163 games – but will soon expand to 2000+

· Sports betting

· A live casino

· Events and competitions with big prizes

· A “ONE 888TOKEN ECONOMY” that is limited to 100 MILLION tokens.

· A deflationary economics model

And they are going to host a 50 million TRX competition soon.


Blockchain: TRON

Smart contract balance: 1.4M

24-hour user: 2595

24-hour trading volume: $717.9K

24-hour transactions: 22K

RocketGame is a decentralized game platform developed based on the TRON network, that offers a variety of different games, including PVP games such as Banker Bull, Monopoly, and BattleShip. There are also a large number of single-player games including Rocket Dice, Mines, Keno, Dice, Fruit Machine, Plinko, Hilo, Jacks or Better, Baccarat, FlipCoin, Roll A Dice, Two Dice, and a Lottery.


Blockchain: WAX

Smart contract balance: 2.4M

24-hour users: 1402

24-hour trading volume: $692.6K

24-hour transactions: 129K

Earnbet used to be called EOSbet, but due to the serious CPU problems faced by EOS, they changed the public chain. EarnBet is a gambling platform that is decentralized, scalable, provably-fair, and offers the hottest casino games with low house edges and zero fees. On Earbet, users can register and play games as easily as traditional applications, while still maintaining decentralization and fairness.