Barcelona Fan Token

FC Barcelona generates $1.3M from fan token sales

Leading sports entertainment blockchain financial technology provider Chiliz (Binance code: $CHZ) announced that the FC Barcelona fan token (BAR) in the fan voting incentive application and the world’s first individual entertainment token exchange Chiliz Exchange achieved sales of $1.3 million in sales in just two hours.

A total of 600,000 BAR tokens were sold on the and platforms at a price of €2 on a first-come-first-served basis. The demand on Socios.Com and exceeded the initial supply by 5 times. In the past few days, a total of $6 million has been deposited on the and platforms. BAR tokens are sold in 106 countries.

Users can get BAR tokens again after 19:00 on June 24 (Wednesday), but the price will be determined by market supply and demand.

Fan tokens are a type of equity tokens that can provide fans with voting rights. By holding fan tokens, users can participate in club voting decisions and have the opportunity to win real-life and digital rewards, such as access to a VIP room to watch the games, face-to-face meetings with the stars, vote on club matters, and so on.

Now that the fans have been able to use BAR token to participate in the first FC Barcelona vote, they will select a design carefully created by the fans for the Camp Nou dressing room. FC Barcelona has started to focus on social media since June 8th. BAR token holders will be able to participate in different votes each season on, get rewards, and improve their own ranking on the app.

The leaderboard feature will be launched soon on Users can improve their ranking in the app by interacting with the club and can compete with each other to become the number one local fan. In-app chat and other game features will also be launched on in the coming months.’s other partners include the UFC, football clubs Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain, Atletico Madrid, Rome, Galatasaray, and Independiente, as well as e-sports team OG. Chiliz plans to launch more than 50 clubs, which will cover different sports including football.

Chiliz and CEO Alexandre Dreyfus said: “We have received very positive responses. When the BAR token returns again on Wednesday, we believe it will be warmly welcomed by fans worldwide.”

“ has been online for more than 6 months, and already many fans have received benefits by holding tokens. We will provide fans with unprecedented opportunities for contact with the club and unforgettable experiences for life.”

“Football is a global sport, and the support of fans goes far beyond the stadium. 99.99% of the supporters of the world’s top clubs are not in the stadium-we speak only by data. BAR tokens are sold in 106 countries is strong evidence.”

“The blitz sale ended within 2 hours, which allowed the global sports community to understand the size of fan tokens and the huge potential of global fan participation.”